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Introducing the newest members of the On the Forecheck team

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Last week, On the Forecheck opened up the FanPost section for anyone who would like to take a crack at writing about the Predators, with the idea that someone would be chosen to join Dirk and myself in covering the team. In the following days, we received 11 superlative entries which made it very difficult to select a new author. In the end, two folks were chosen, so that we can continue to make OtF the #1 destination for Nashville Predators news and analysis.

After the jump, your winners and a word on what made them stand out.

Seth Lake

With this entry, Seth broke down in detailed fashion the Predators' goaltending situation in regards to the three prospects who will vie for a spot in training camp. It was well-researched, clearly written, and showed an exemplary attention to detail - three things that make a very successful blogger.

Anthony Neal

Anthony took on a hot button issue in ESPN v. Versus, and did so in an authoritative, concise manner. He presented both sides of the argument and finished with a clear conclusion. Additionally, Anthony made sure to interact well with his readers in the comment section, which goes a long way in keeping discussion going.


While Seth and Anthony stood out above the rest, we received many quality posts. I'd encourage you to continue writing FanPosts, as fan participation is part of what makes SB Nation what it is. Many thanks to those who 'entered', and please welcome Seth and Anthony aboard. Its a very exciting time to be a Nashville Predators fan, and all four of us will do our level best to bring you the best coverage we can as training camp and the 2010-11 season looms ahead.

54 days. Keep it here, Preds fans.