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Monday's news: Everyone's an "insider" these days

Congratulate yourselves, hockey fans - you've made it halfway through the month of August, and September is just around the corner, which means training camp isn't far away!

Later this morning, Chris will announce the results of the OtF writer auditions, and I just want to say first that I was happily surprised with the number of really good articles which were submitted. Win or lose, I hope everyone takes advantage of the FanPosts this upcoming season. The more voices we have contributing to the discussion, the better off we all are!

For now, follow after the jump the outcome of the Tomas Kaberle situation in Toronto, a look at just how easy it is to start a bogus hockey rumor these days, and a rather unique review of the remaining free agents left on the market...

Predators News

Sicamus, BC Boy Makes Good In The Lower 48 -or- Mom! I’m HUGE In Nashville! - The Hockey Writers
Jas celebrates Nashville's new captain, who has already impressed the hockey world on the big stage.

Female hockey fans push for better merchandise options - Nashville Predators Examiner
Jim Diamond interviews the ladies behind the "No Pink in the Rink" movement which launched last week.

30 Goals In 30 Days: #8 vs. TB, 12/15 - PredsBlog
Patric Hornqvist as the reincarnation of one of my favorite basketball players of all time, the Microwave?

Predators May Have to Pay Up, Re-Sign Patric Hornqvist to Boost Lacking Offense -
A Preds preview from a Boston-based perspective. The Bruins come to Nashville on St. Patrick's Day this season, that'll be fun!

Around the NHL

Deadline passes without Kaberle deal for Burke, Maple Leafs - Puck Daddy
Well, so much for all that speculation!

On Fake Insiders
Jeff breaks down the seedy underside of the hockey blogging/Twittering phenomenon...

Point Proven -
...then he starts a fake rumor to prove how easy it is, and watches it take flight.

Down Goes Brown: A buyer's guide to the remaining NHL free agents
Just the picture that goes along with this post is worth the click...

CannonFest 2010 - A Resounding Success! - The Cannon
The fans in Columbus got together to talk hockey in the middle of August, which is a very good thing indeed.

Lowetide: RE 10-11: Ryan Jones- Edmonton Oilers
How will Ryan Jones fare in his first full season as an Edmonton Oiler?

Enough Doom and Gloom - Mile High Hockey
Things may be glum in Colorado the (new slogan: "It's all about the A" - really?), but Avs fans can look at some division rivals and feel a lot better about themselves.

All Eyes on Semyon Varlamov - Japers' Rink
There's going to be a lot of pressure on the young Russian netminder to backstop the high-powered Caps to playoff success.

The Bruins Blog — Savard says he’s ‘hurt’
It is strange that Boston is supposedly shopping Marc Savard so soon after giving him a long-term contract.

Islanders Rx: More offense, better defense, level goaltending - Lighthouse Hockey
If they get all three of the above, could the Islanders return to the playoffs?

Head-less icemen 'led' to slaughter -
I've disagreed with most of what Larry Brooks has had to say about the Ilya Kovalchuk situation, but his portrait of the NHLPA is a sobering one. The players have no-one to blame but themselves if the owners knock 'em down and take their lunch money during the next CBA negotiation.

Greatest Hockey Larger Than Life
It's not every day you see Andre the Giant holding up Bobby Orr like he was a plaything...

Top 10 NHL Lines - The Hockey Writers
One the great aspects of hockey history is the naming of a great line, a tag that binds three forwards together for all time.

The Rajala Method - The Copper & Blue
Scott Reynolds profiles a tiny wrinkle in the CBA that could allow big market teams to throw money at their prospects before they get to the NHL, and slightly reduce their cap hit once they arrive.

The Hockey News: The Straight Edge: Songs I'd play as an NHL arena DJ
Ryan Kennedy has some fun with arena music.

Checkins + Group Buying = Location-Based Swarm Deals
Here's an idea the Predators need to look into - imagine a promotion where fans at a game "check-in" using something like Foursquare, and the section that gets the most check-ins receives a discount to use at the game...

The Sporting News pulls the plug on its hockey-centric blog 'The Grinder' - ProHockeyTalk
Ah, Grinder, we hardly knew ye...