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Tuesday's news: Preds can't shake the "underrated" tag

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As long as we're sharing favorite photos...
As long as we're sharing favorite photos...

As we welcome two new authors into the fold here at OtF, things are really starting to ramp up even though we're a month away from training camp. It sounds like we'll have another big announcement next week, so stay tuned.

Today we have a renewal of an annual ritual - preseason media predictions for failure in Nashville (of course, considering their history of consistent playoff appearances, maybe that's a good omen). We also have a look at how J.P. Dumont's trip to the doghouse back in March affected the team, and a collection of oddball reactions to the lack of a Tomas Kaberle trade in Toronto...

Predators News

The Hockey News 2010-11 NHL regular season predictions: No. 10
THN pegs the Predators at 10th in the West, focusing solely on personnel changes and ignoring the growth of young players like Patric Hornqvist, Colin Wilson, and Cody Franson. Two Minutes in the Box with... Bobby Ryan
The Ducks winger (who still waits on a new contract) says good things about one Nashville defenseman from the Vancouver Olympics...

Where Is Horny? - Predlines
Nathan's getting antsy over the Hornqvist situation...

Reassessing The "Predator Way": J.P. Dumont In The Doghouse - PredsBlog
Sam argues that Barry Trotz got more out of J.P. Dumont by asking less of him. There are some problems when you draw conclusions from team-based Corsi numbers (when a team is leading, for example, they tend to take fewer shots, while the trailing team fires everything on net, skewing the data) but the Dumont question is a huge one this fall. He could play anywhere from the 1st to the 4th lines.

Cogen and Henry Team Up to Run Nashville Properties " Venues Today
A nice background piece on the new men at the top of the Predators organization, particularly focusing on Jeff Cogen's background with promoting Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus out of Nashville.

George: The circus is back in town - Nashville City Paper
Another commentary lauds Tom Cigarran for having the common sense to recognize that common sense alone wasn't enough to run the club - he needed to bring in proven performers.

Around the NHL

McKeen's Hockey Prospects - Tired Teams on Back-To-Back Nights
Gus gives my NHL Super Schedule the Emeril treatment; he gives it a "BAM" and kicks it up a few notches... wonderful stuff here that's worth checking out.

Red Wings Blogger Roundtable: Day 1 - Winging It In Motown
Detroit bloggers are confident that the Red Wings will recapture the Central, barring another season filled with injuries.

Blackhawks defense will remain solid in 2010-11 -
The one thing Chicago has been able to keep mostly intact is the blueline, writes Kevin Allen.

After Kaberle deadline, solutions for Leafs get downright nutty - Puck Daddy
Toronto may have kept Tomas Kaberle, but many Leafs writers have lost their minds.

Habs' Strongest Position of Depth Now Its Weakest - Habs Eyes On The Prize
Has Montreal overreacted, and gutted what was previously a strong point of their team?

Expectations Surrounding Young Defenseman - Blueshirt Banter
While analyzing the Rangers defense, this post takes an interesting approach in the use of Behind the Net stats like Corsi & Quality of Competition. - Unfocused Rambling on Labour Issues
Tyler looks ahead to a possible doomsday scenario in 2012 as the owners battle with the bumbling NHLPA.

Whale of a time for the Hartford faithful at quirky celebration - Puck Daddy
Amid all the speculation about Winnipeg and Quebec City, we often forget that Hartford used to be a loyal NHL city as well.

A Hockey Toast To Elvis " On Frozen Blog
The King died 33 years ago yesterday, and OFB has a special tribute.