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Monday's news: Has Chicago dumped their cup-winning goaltender?

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The Great Chicago Trainwreck continues this morning with reports that the Blackhawks have signed a veteran goaltender for less than what they'd have to pay Antti Niemi based on his arbitration ruling. If memory serves, this would be the first goalie to win a Stanley Cup then immediately get shipped out of town since Mike Vernon in 1997, right? In that case, the Red Wings gave Chris Osgood the starting job and defended their title in 1998, but they didn't have to dismantle everything else about that team because of the salary cap...

Follow after the jump for this and a whole lot more, including a new Nashville Predators-related podcast, a reminder about this week's business breakfast hosted by the team, and a trade out east which sends a playmaker to the bright lights of Broadway...

Predators News

Nashville Predators Business ROI Breakfast - LinkedIn: Events
This is a reminder that the Preds are hosting their Business ROI Breakfast event this Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 a.m. at Bridgestone Arena. If you're on LinkedIn (and trust me, if you're working, you should be - here's my profile), you can RSVP via the link above.

Smashville Sports Potpourri: Preds Off-Season Awesomeness
Two Preds fans talk about the summer developments on a podcast (and I dig what they've done with the left/right channel split on the audio)...

Offseason Losses & Gains (Part 4 of 4) - Predlines
Amanda considers what the minor acquisitions will mean to the Nashville lineup this fall, and doesn't see a spot available for Jerred Smithon or Nick Spaling.

Around the NHL

Blackhawks Sign Marty Turco? - Second City Hockey
WGN reported last night that Chicago has signed Marty Turco and will announce it today, as the Blackhawks can't afford to keep Antti Niemi and his arbitration-ruled $2.75 million cap hit. Turco actually played decently behind a lousy Dallas Stars team last season, and might have a little gas left in the tank.

Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman On Niemi: 'One Guy Does Not Make A Team' - The Grinder
The Chicago GM prepares Blackhawks fans for Niemi's probable departure.

Rangers News: Rangers Acquire Todd White in Trade with Thrashers - Blueshirt Banter
Rick Dudley has certainly gotten to work reshaping his Atlanta Thrashers, sending Todd White up to Broadway. The Rangers hope he can help set up newly-acquired goal-scorer Alexander Frolov.

30-in-30: Anaheim Ducks history - - 30 in 30
From kids movie to Stanley Cup champions in 15 years... that's pretty amazing.

Black Dog Hates Skunks: Deja Vu All Over Again
Staring at the likelihood of five straight seasons without making the playoffs is hardly sobering for this Oilers blogger.

NHL trying to sidestep CBA -
Larry Brooks loads up on the righteous indignation as he defends the Kovalchuk contract from the evil, manipulative Gary Bettman.

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