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Where will Colin Wilson fit in the Nashville Predators lineup?

For this weekend's hockey talk I thought I'd try something a little different...

Thanks to the question from @jwdemuynck on Twitter, to me this seems to be one of the key storylines to follow during training camp.

In the long run, I think the vision is for Colin Wilson to play center, but for this upcoming season, there may be a winger spot available on a scoring line, and Cal O'Reilly is now eligible for waivers, so training camp is pretty much "judgment time" for Cal. If he shows that he's ready for NHL duty, could the coaches opt to use him at center and use Wilson as a powerful presence on the wing?

How do you see things shaking out? Sound off in the comments below, and check out the nascent On The Forecheck YouTube Channel.

Colin Wilson

#33 / Center / Nashville Predators



Oct 20, 1989

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