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Friday's news: Kimmo's drained

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It's been a busy, busy week here at OtF, with Patric Hornqvist finally signed and a new Milwaukee Admirals writer on board. Just think, in a few days we get to flip the calendar over to September, which means training camp is right around the corner!

After the jump, we've got a look at yesterday's explosion of chatter around NHL media access for bloggers, a former Predators star who is still mentally drained from last season, and the Oakes boys hit Venice Beach...

NHL Media Credentials for Bloggers

NHL teams want bloggers banned from visitors' locker rooms - Puck Daddy
The topic of the day blew up yesterday afternoon with this piece. It's amazing to see how paranoid some organizations are. So the Rangers were upset because a blogger who covered the "Fire Sather" rally was credentialed for the NHL Draft? How many professional writers have authored "fire the coach" or "fire the GM" columns over the years? Should they get banned, too?

Leaked: NHL guidelines for how teams credential bloggers - Puck Daddy
Some of the proposed guidelines being tossed about are very restrictive. I like the one about differentiating the credential itself, so bloggers can be identified easily by "arena security and visiting team PR." Can't they already spot us since we're loafing around in our pajamas?

Our Follow-Up On the Puck Daddy Story About Credentials From the Rangers - Blueshirt Banter
Jim tries to clear the air about misunderstandings that appeared in the original piece featuring complaints from the New York Rangers, and comes to the conclusion that getting access from such a paranoid organization probably isn't worth the trouble.

A Resource for Bloggers: How to Get In -
One blogger writes about the long process towards getting credentialed with the Avalanche.

My Take on NHL Media Credentials for Bloggers

Nobody is claiming that all bloggers need to be get credentialed like traditional media, nor calling for teams to be stripped of the ability to manage their media relations. The concern here is that a league-wide standard could get defined based on the most backward and paranoid of teams, taking a step back from progress made in recent years. And for what? Has there really been an identifiable problem with a blogger who had NHL access? It's not like we've got the Deadspin crowd running rampant or anything.

For the record, the Nashville Predators have taken a very measured, yet open approach to dealing with bloggers over the years, but of course the situation is entirely different between here and a place like New York. Just imagine what your Nashville Predators coverage would have been this summer without the community of Preds bloggers out there...

Predators News

Facebook | SlapShot Radio
Paul McCann is organizing another Predators fan road trip, to see the Preds take on Carolina in November. Head over to or their Facebook page (linked above) for all the details on how to sign up.

Fanwanking Nashville Hockey/2010-11 Edition Part Two: The PFO and the Coaching Staff | The Hockey Writers
Jas turns the focus to the coaching and management ranks heading into the new year.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Travelogue Loves Venice Beach and Dogtown and Friday Wrap-Up
Buddy's morning links post includes a visit to Muscle Beach. l NHL News: Nashville Predators Preview
One of the lamest Preds previews you'll find.

Around the NHL

Timonen not mentally ready yet - Broad Street Hockey
The Stanley Cup hangover may be one thing, but getting all the way to the finals and falling short can make for a brutal summer, and former Predators captain Kimmo Timonen doesn't sound like he's quite over it.

Expect new NHLPA boss Donald Fehr to do battle with NHL - Jim Kelley -
If the players can't get united behind Donald Fehr heading into the next round of CBA negotiations, they deserve whatever the owners are able to pin on them. The fundamental problem with the NHLPA for the last several years is a disinterested, ill-informed membership.

Informal workouts show the season is closer than you think - Raw Charge
Training camps are getting closer, as some players are starting to show up at rinks and practice on their own.

If You Build It They Will Come | CANUCKS HOCKEY BLOG
Has Mike Gillis put together a major contender this summer? Getting Hamhuis to play for a hometown discount was a big win, and Raffi Torres for $1 million could prove to be a huge bargain.

10 Tidbits on Willie Mitchell - LA Kings defenseman | Hockey Independent
Kings fans should be thrilled about their new blueliner... if he can stay healthy.

Talking Fantasy Hockey with Jeff Angus From Dobber Hockey - View From My Seats
It's time to start thinking about fantasy hockey...

We're All Doomed - Battle of California
A wonderful counterpoint to the blind optimism most fans have prior to training camp.

A women's professional hockey league? Here's why the NHL is listening - ESPN
The womens' game is in dire straits at the international level, and a professional league is seen as a possible solution.

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