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Tuesday's news: Two fading Stars coming to the Central Division

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Reaction is still bouncing around the league to the goaltending situation in Chicago, where Antti Niemi has been let go in favor of Marty Turco. But Turco's not the only Dallas Stars veteran coming to the Central Division.

Follow after the jump for the latest on Mike Modano, two Preds bloggers sharing some of their favorite moments in franchise history, and a whole lot more...

Predators News

The 303:30 – Off-season notes, Joe Nickolls of EA Sports & Kevin Weekes | Section 303
Not to be a hater, but when they say the "Weekes for Back Up" campaign is "sweeping it’s way through Pred Nation", is anyone pushing this other than Jeremy from Section 303 and Buddy from Preds On The Glass? Anyways, be sure to catch the latest podcast, which features an in-depth discussion of the new NHL Slapshot game for the Wii from EA Sports.

Your Questions Answered - Predlines
Nathan opens up the mailbag...

Your Questions Answered - Predlines
Amanda also shares some of her favorite Predators memories.

Budish, Watson Make First Cut at Team USA Camp -
Two Preds prospects remain in the mix for the American entry at the World Junior Championships.

Around the NHL

Puck the Media Interview: NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly on the World Cup, NHL Network, and Having ‘No Desire’ to Leave NBC and VERSUS " Puck The Media
Steve Lepore lands the NHL's #2 man to talk about the future of the game on TV.

Disappointing But No Surprise | Hockey Independent
Al Cimaglia pretty much nailed how the Chicago goaltending situation would work out.

A Marty Turco Tribute to Celebrate His Free Agent Deal With the Chicago Blackhawks - Maize n Brew
SB Nation's University of Michigan blog brings us a few highlights from Marty's college career.

Although it's a good story, Niemi to the Sharks has no legs - Fear The Fin
I can't see the Sharks biting on Antti Niemi, either. Will he end up in Philly?

What's next for Antti Niemi? It won't be Philadelphia - ProHockeyTalk
Hmm... well, I guess not.

Mike Modano to sign with the Red Wings - Winging It In Motown
It looks like the Red Wings have found a depth center in the 39-year-old former Star.

Willie Mitchell symptom-free after 18 days of skating; Sharks reportedly interested in his services - Fear The Fin
Vancouver's best defenseman missed a ton of games with concussion issues and is now a free agent.

Sharks roster looks better or worse? | Hockey Independent
San Jose is going through some transition, and it remains an open question whether they'll be the better or the worse for it.

Lowetide: RE 10-11: Dustin Penner- Edmonton Oilers
What does the future hold for Edmonton's best forward?

Which Carolina Blueliner Will Score The Most Goals? - Canes Country
The Hurricanes have been an up-and-down team in recent years, and Bob looks at how their defense might contribute this season.

Mystery in Montreal: How Will The Habs Fare In 2010? | The Hockey Writers
Can the Habs follow up on their surprising playoff success?

All Habs: Journalists Talk About Markov, Language, and Each Other
One unique aspect of playing in Montreal is the language issue. Should their new captain learn French?

NHLPA Approaching One Year Without a Leader - From The Rink
Bob Wage examines the sorry state of the players' association. They've endured one leadership crisis after another since the Great Lockout, and could end up turning the keys over to Donald Fehr, who comes with questions about his possible role in the Paul Kelly ouster, and led the baseball union through the Steroid Era (hardly a ringing endorsement).

A New Home for JJ Right Here at KK - KuklasKorner
Jon Jordan crosses over from the dark side... congratulations, Jon!

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