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Tuesday's news: Change keeps a-comin'

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Change has got to the theme of this morning's hockey news. We've got a look at how the Nashville goaltending situation should develop over the coming seasons, questions about the defensive depth with Dan Hamhuis no longer in the fold, and a new buyer stepping onto the scene in Phoenix, looking to purchase the Coyotes.

All this, and Terry Crisp talking about a return to coaching...

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Predators News

Bolt From the Blue: Terry Crisp - Tampa Bay Lightning
A feature article covering Crispy's time leading the Lightning includes a somewhat surprising quote - "I often think about being behind the bench again. I’d like one more crack at it." He recognizes that it's probably not going to happen, though.

School of Block: Predators Goaltending
A detailed review of the Nashville goaltending depth chart, and a look down the road as to where Chet Pickard fits in the picture.

NHL: Five burning Central Division questions -
Each team in the Preds' division has weak spots, and in Nashville, the focus will be on how the 2nd and 3rd defensive pairings will shake out.

Wild Nation’s Ridiculously Early Season Previews: The Central Division : Wild Nation
A Minnesota perspective on the Central which seems pretty balanced.

2010 NHLPA Rookie Showcase -
Jonathon Blum and Chet Pickard will join 21 other NHL prospects in a promotional event tied to their first hockey cards wearing NHL uniforms.

Around the NHL

New ownership group close to Coyotes deal - Phoenix Business Journal
"A mystery buyer" is now in the lead to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes. Hmm... maybe the Acme Corporation???

Huge changes for NHL Network, including 'NFL Films' innovations - Puck Daddy
It sounds like the NHL is looking to take some serious steps forward with their in-house network.

The Dark Blue Jacket: Time to step up: The defensemen
This Columbus blogger starts with "I haven't spent nearly as much time looking at the Columbus Blue Jackets' blue line as I have spent on the forwards". With that crop of defensemen, I can't blame him. Blech.

Nikolai Khabibulin's DUI Conviction & The Effect On His Immigrant Status - The Copper & Blue
Derek consults with two attorneys to assess the likely path forward for Edmonton's multi-million dollar goalie.

Dallas veteran Lehtinen retiring or 'seriously considering' it? - Puck Daddy
Could the Stars lose another longtime stalwart?

Capitals Wandering Into Shark Territory - View From My Seats
Ouch... is Washington the San Jose of the East?

With Mitchell off the Market, What's the Caps' Best Move? - Japers' Rink
The Capitals were expected to find a reliable defenseman on this summer's market, but still haven't made a move.

Dear Players: Sorry if the CBA makes GMs spend wisely - Lighthouse Hockey
Dominik eviscerates the notion that veterans are getting unfairly squeezed out of big-dollar contracts, starting with some odd assertions from Willie Mitchell.

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