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Wednesday's notes: Goalies, goalies everywhere...

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Goaltending seems to be the topic du jour around the NHL. With most of the league still buzzing over Antti Niemi's departure from Chicago, Predators fans turn their attention to the backup goaltending situation. Can one of the organization's prospects step into the gap? How about a sensational former MVP, or a studio commentator?

The options are all over the map these days, and it doesn't sound like we'll know for sure until training camp...

Predators News

Poile prepared to go to camp with current crop of goaltenders - Nashville Predators Examiner
Outside of throwing cold water on the Twitter-based rumor-mongering regarding Jose Theodore, David Poile says everything and nothing about the backup goaltending position. Remember that last summer, Poile also said he felt comfortable with Franson, Sulzer & Laakso as his 5-6-7th defensemen, but sure enough, Francis Bouillon joined the team during training camp. Considering that the Hornqvist and Franson contracts are higher priority, I wouldn't expect this situation to resolve itself until September.

What? We Don’t Have A Backup Plan? - Predlines
Nathan adds a 3rd voice to the "Kevin Weekes for backup" chorus. Folks, with a glutted goaltending market this summer and several goalies already in our system, why would the Predators bring in a guy who's been away from the game for so long? If you want to add Kevin Weekes to the FS-TN broadcasts as a commentator, fine, but he would be a monumentally terrible choice to join the team in goal.

Paul McCann - Niemi Fallout
Paul's aware that Chicago's still very much a threat even as they ship their Cup-winning goalie out of town.

Vernon Morning Star - Smithson excited for new season
Jerred Smithson takes ownership for Nashville's lousy PK last season, and vows to do better.

30 Goals In 30 Days: #6 vs. VAN, Dec. 8 " PredsBlog
Sam's latest shows off a slick power play goal. Note how Hornqvist responds to the cross-ice pass by moving into position for the slam-dunk.

Central Division Shakedown - Predlines
Amanda launches a weekly review of the Preds' division rivals and their latest activities.

Around the NHL

Three more buyers interested in purchasing Coyotes, season ticket sales only at 1,800 - ProHockeyTalk
Whoa, that ticket sales talk is truly scary. It was understandable last summer when Jerry Moyes sabotaged the operation, but after the season they just had, I'm surprised more people haven't supported the club.

An open letter to Peter Forsberg - From The Rink
Mike Chen would rather not see another comeback attempt. Personally, I have no problem with guys hanging around as long as they can.

The Riley Hire (Puck-Rakers Blog)
A neat story here about a new minor-league coach for Columbus. He's a 2nd-generation hockey man who coached at West Point for 18 years. His father coached Army for 36 years, as well as the US Men's team at the 1960 Olympics, which won gold.

Busy Tuesday: Panthers Add to Blueline, Trade Mink to Blues - On Frozen Pond
Florida picks up defenseman Mike Weaver, who played the last two years for St. Louis.

2010-11 Stanley Cup Odds - View From My Seats
The Preds are in the middle of the pack in the latest Vegas odds.

A look at what Jamal Mayers brings to San Jose - Fear The Fin
The Sharks add a veteran plugger.

Blackhawk Blogger Summer Roundtable/Wet T-Shirt Contest - Second City Hockey
A gaggle of Chicago's finest commiserate over their summer roster changes.

Sophomores To Watch In 2010-11: Eastern Conference - From The Rink
Cory looks at some of the big names entering their second season out East, such as Evander Kane in Atlanta, and Victor Hedman in Tampa.

The Official Dr. Wolski Newsletter! (And Youth Hockey Guide) - Mile High Hockey
Dr. Wojtek Wolski has all the answers for the up-and-coming hockey player. OK, not really, but it's pretty amusing stuff.

Senator Jacques Demers recounts near-fatal surgery mishap - The Globe and Mail
One of the most popular NHL coaches in recent times almost lost his life to a surgical error.

Expected ZoneFinish - The Copper & Blue
Bruce pushes the ZoneStart & ZoneFinish discussion a further step forward, by adjusting for Goals For & Against. Interesting stuff here...

Is There An 'Injury Epidemic' Because Of The NHL's Trapezoid Rule? -
Many GM's are concerned that keeping goalies from coming out to play the puck results in defensemen getting hurt by onrushing forecheckers. Derek Zona examines the question of whether or not that's led to increased injuries on the blueline.

The best interview ever about the impersonal violence of the NHL (and how it's related to Taylor Hall's well being) - Cult of Hockey
David Staples writes that given the blind eye that the NHL (and particularly Colin Campbell) turn to dangerous hits, maybe carrying an enforcer is a necessary evil.

Fraud Charges Against Fundraiser for Mandi Schwartz - Hockey Wilderness
Just a disgusting story - Mandi Schwartz's life is in danger and she needs a bone marrow transplant, but it sounds like the guy administering the foundation accepting donations for her cause is a fraudulent scumbag. I can't imagine what it takes for someone to steal from a cause like this for their own personal gain.

Down Goes Brown: A professional athlete's guide to Twitter
DGB lends a helping hand to all the @Sullivan26 wannabe's out there.

Who goes on your team's Mt. Suckmore? - Battle of California
Megalodon offers a rejoinder to Puck Daddy's "Mt. Rushmore" series.

What Would You Do if You Didn't Have the Rangers? - Blueshirt Banter
Here's a novel idea - contract the Blueshirts!

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