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It will be a Frosty season in Nashville - "Drive for Five" becomes "Score for Four"

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It should be a Frosty-filled season for Nashville Predators fans - traditionally, the team has had a giveaway for fans when the Preds score 5 goals in a home game. Last season it led to free Frosties from Wendy's, and in previous years Taco Bell offered up tacos.

This year, however, the bar has been lowered. The following comes from (thanks to a pointer from @AmyPredsFan on Twitter)...

Nashville Predators are proud to announce in conjunction with their partnership with Wendy's restaurants that the Frosty Score for Four will return during the 2010-11 season to reward all fans in attendance when the Predators ramp up their offense.

During 2010-11 home games, anytime Nashville hits the four-goal mark in a game, all fans can take their game ticket to a participating Wendy's location for a free small Frosty Dairy Dessert.

Tickets must be redeemed within a week's time.

Last season, the Preds only hit the 5-goal mark at home 3 times, but the new 4-goal mark was hit 11 times (15 if you count shootout winners as well). This makes a lot of sense as I'm sure it will send many Predators fans through a Wendy's drive-through on their way home from games at Bridgestone Arena.

My kids will be thrilled at this new development, I'm sure. Just by hearing about the possibility, they usually bug me to get them a Frosty on the way home whether or not the Preds score enough!

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