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Predators launch new parternship with Lexus, the "Lexus Inner Circle"

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The Nashville Predators have hooked up with another corporate partner, creating the "Lexus Inner Circle" for season ticket holders in the first two rows of the lower bowl. These packages offer special access and privileges, for those who can pony up the dough.

Recall that last season the Preds looked into making a "Reserve" section in the 200-level by clearing out the regular seats and creating a unique atmosphere catering to high net-worth individuals, but that plan petered out. The idea, however, is a savvy one; offer special value to (and generate revenue from) the many wealthy folks in the Middle Tennessee area, in order to boost overall hockey revenues for the club. The general fan is doing their part, as families and individuals make up a huge portion of the season ticket base, and the upper bowl is usually well-sold.

In addition to boosting the appeal of those high-priced seats, it's good to see another corporate sponser come into the fold as well.

Follow after the jump for the team's press release which has all the details...

The Nashville Predators have announced today the creation of the Lexus Inner Circle, an exclusive area comprised of the rows one and two season tickets. These seats are the most unique and sought after Predators tickets in Smashville and Bridgestone Arena.

"It is a totally different experience sitting on the glass at a Predators game," Lexus Inner Circle member Kevin Bay said. "You can hear what the players are saying, you see the determination in their faces, and you feel the checks as they hit the boards."

"The Lexus Inner Circle provides a truly unique and unparalleled fan experience," Nashville Predators Executive Vice President Chris Parker said. "It's an amazing display of speed, skill and intense emotion - up close and personal. There is nothing else like it!"

"We are thrilled to partner with the Predators to create the Lexus Inner Circle," Lexus of Nashville General Manager JR Roper said. "Combining exhilarating speed with superior performance, taking in a game from these exclusive seats is the closest one can get to driving a Lexus without actually sitting in one."

            In addition to the most exclusive view of Predators action - as well as the -already extraordinary benefits of a Full Season Ticket Holder - Lexus Inner Circle members also receive these exclusive premium benefits:

  • Dedicated personal service representative for Inner Circle members only
  • Private Inner Circle event with players and coaches
  • Minimum of two pre-game Inner Circle networking receptions
  • Complimentary group event (15 tickets in the Premium Lower Bowl for any Monday-Thursday game of your choice)
  • Complimentary tickets to the Predators Foundation Wine Festival (one per Inner Circle seat)
  • Complimentary gift for Inner Circle members only
  • Exclusive emails from Predators General Manager David Poile and hockey operations staff

Lexus Inner Circle seats are sold only as season tickets and a very limited quantity are available. For specific availability or to find out how you can gain access to the most exclusive seating area in Smashville, please call 615-770-7800.