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Bankruptcy court approves sale of 'Boots' Del Biaggo's stake in the Predators

Per Brandon Gee at the Nashville Business Journal, a San Francisco bankruptcy court has approved the purchase of 'Boots' Del Biaggo's stake in the Nashville Predators. The catch? The deadline for the $15.2 million sale is August 12:

The Predators' ownership group plans to buy Del Biaggio's 27 percent stake in the team, which is valued at $25 million, for $15.2 million. But the deal is conditioned on a Aug. 12 closing so that the ownership group can make a $412,969 interest payment to CIT Lending Services Corp., the team's lender, that is due Aug. 13 and otherwise would be owed by Del Biaggio's estate.

Obviously, the sooner this gets resolved, the better. We want as few off ice issues as possible when the puck is dropped for some Duck hunting in October.