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Sunday Notes: Patrick O'Sullivan?

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Just a few links to read over your Sunday morning coffee.

  • Now, normally I don't post rumors from this website, but this is from Predators' PA announcer Paul McCann. My $0.02 on Patrick O'Sullivan: doesn't fit a need and is more expensive than something we already have in Cal O'Reilly. [Paul McCann]
  • Looking at what POS might bring to the Preds. There's no doubt he's a promising player, but its just not a good fit. [PredsBlog]
  • Just because it's August doesn't mean Jordin Tootoo can't play some hockey. He's participating in a charity tournament this week with players such as Jonathan Toews and Eric Fehr. [MTSCentre, s/t Japers' Rink]
  • Turns out that Colin Wilson will make an appearance, too; plus more on the subject. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Sam theorizes that Ryan Suter will take over full time alternate captain's duties this year (I agree), and looks at what that means. Great stuff here. [PredsBlog]
  • Chris Chelios has finally hung up the skates. And is still a sissy. [Predlines]
  • Finally, a reminder: if you think you'd like to write for On the Forecheck, you have until Friday, August 13 to get in your FanPost.