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Wednesday's news: September never looked so good...

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Finally, at long last, you've made it to September, hockey fans. In just two weeks, Nashville Predators rookies will be working out in training camp, with veterans reporting on September 17th. Keep coming back on a daily basis for our series of previews which outline each individual player's situation heading into the new season, and the battles for roster spots which appear to get more competitive by the day (particularly in light of the Aaron Johnson signing yesterday).

If you're dying to know when we'll get to see some game action, we've got the Nashville Predators preseason schedule all laid out for you, too.

Radio Note

As a reminder of his two big fund-raisers coming up next week (a dinner with silent auction, and a golf outing the next day), Brent Peterson joined the Thom Abraham Show yesterday to talk about

Brent Peterson on Thom Abraham Show 20100831 (MP3)

And now, on to your morning hockey news...

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Predators News

Predators Chief Amateur Scout has had short offseason - Nashville Predators Examiner
Jim Diamond catches up with the globe-trotting Jeff Kealty, who bounces from coast to coast and across the Atlantic to assess where the talent is developing ahead of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

Preds On The Glass: Steven Stamkos, Kovi's Korner, Bulin's Blunder, and Wednesday Wrap-Up
Buddy shares some video with Steven Stamkos from the NHL Awards in his morning links.

The View from 111: Fehr of the Unkown
Mark takes a broad look at the variety of issues that will be on the table during the next CBA negotiations. I do think that one of the best hopes for an effective agreement between the sides lies in the ability of Donald Fehr to band together and negotiate from a single position, rather than get divided & conquered as in years past.

The Hockey News: Will the Kostitsyns be better apart?
Ryan Dixon wonders how Sergei Kostitsyn will fare in his fresh start with Nashville (hat tip to @PredsOddManRush on Twitter).

Central Division Shakedown - Predlines
Amanda sums up the week's news from around the division...

Introducing the First Team All-Nashville Predators… | Section 303
Jeremy's choices skew towards longevity and total offensive numbers over career peaks. Compare his list to the one that OtF readers voted on last summer.

Catching up with Blum, Pickard - Predators Insider
The Tennessean's new beat writer, Josh Cooper, gets some thoughts from Jonathon Blum and Chet Pickard while they were in Toronto at an NHL rookie event.

A few thoughts on Aaron Johnson | Predators Insider
Josh also notes that the new guy had a good season in Chicago a couple years ago, so perhaps there's hope that he can find an effective role in Nashville.

Spits acquire Ebert from Majors - Windsor Star
It sounds like Preds prospect Ryan Ellis is going to be surrounded by Americans on the Windsor blueline this season.

Also, the Preds posted a video recap of Predators Day at the Nashville Zoo:

Around the NHL

The Top Five Norris Trophy Candidates For 2010-11 - From The Rink
Is this the year that Shea Weber contends for the Norris Trophy?

Where do you get your hockey news from? - From The Rink
Mike Chen asks the question that should be keeping newspaper sports editors up at night.

Chris Chelios joins the 'dark side,' passes on NHLPA role with Fehr - Puck Daddy
One of Predators fans' biggest villains joins the Red Wings front office, instead of joining the NHLPA leadership.

If a guy had 112 points last year, how many will he have this year? - Behind The Net
Don't bet on Henrik Sedin hitting 100 points again...

The Battle of Alberta: Justice Delayed is A Contract You're Stuck With
Tyler opens up with both barrels on the various commentators discussing the Khabibulin situation. Vicious, highly entertaining stuff here.

Khabibulin's Sentence - Too Mild? - The Copper & Blue
30 days in jail, some fines and treatment. Is that too much or too little for "extreme DUI"?

Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall has knee scoped, should be ready for start of training camp |
Detroit fans breathe a sigh of relief... at least for now.

Between the Islanders and the 2010-11 playoffs is...? - Lighthouse Hockey
After having stockpiled high draft picks over the last few years, are the Islanders ready to take a step forward?

Will Less Starts Be Good for Henrik Lundqvist? - PuckUpdate
How much work is too much for a #1 goaltender?

Creating more awareness about head injuries in hockey - The Globe and Mail
Significant progress has been made in recent years in understanding just how damaging contact sports like hockey can be, and the next step is to develop solutions to better protect players, especially at the youth level.

Salary cap forcing sentimental players to retire -
A rather confusing article here. Almost none of the cases Alexander refers to are situations in which a veteran is retiring because of salary cap issues. Chris Chelios is old, Paul Kariya (who hasn't retired) is hurt, Jere Lehtinen (who hasn't retired, either) has been injured a lot lately, Mathieu Schneider isn't effective any more and Slava Kozlov is still on the market.

How To Survive the Summer As A Hockey Fan - View From My Seats
Why didn't Matt write this a couple months ago?

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