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Friday's news: Rinne and Franson chat up the bloggers

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We close this week with a host of interviews with Preds attending workouts at Centennial Sportsplex, some words from the Predators' new player representative with the NHLPA, and a moment between Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan that's just too good to be true...

Predators Item of the Day

Basketball, murder, and the Nashville Predators collide in a new mystery that hits bookstores next week, A Sporting Murder. You can already get it on the Kindle for just $2.99, however, and I'll have a review posted here sometime in the next few days. I haven't read a mystery novel in ages, but it was a fun read, and takes place entirely around Nashville.

Predators News

Red Light District: 30 in 30: Nashville Predators
In the end, I'm right in line with Ryan's expectations here. The Predators have another competitive team assembled, but are still mired in that 6-8th range in the Western Conference.

Red Light District: Conversation with Pekka Rinne
Ryan also snagged Pekka Rinne for a few questions after a practice this week.

Three Minutes With: Preds defenseman Cody Franson… | Section 303
...and Jeremy caught up with Cody Franson.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Travelogue Goes Backwoods, Ellis Aftermath, and Friday Findings
Buddy's traveling road show heads to scenic West Virginia.

Big night for Peterson for Parkinson's - Predators Insider
Josh recaps the benefit dinner and silent auction last night for Brent Peterson's charity, which also has a big golf outing today.

Important role for Legwand - Predators Insider
David Legwand takes over as the Preds' NHLPA representative, and offers this thought on the locker-room reaction to the Kovalchuk affair and resulting amendment to the CBA: "Ever­yone roots for the pla­yer and all the GMs root for the teams, so it’s a two-sided thing but I think it’s a good deal for ever­yone." If he really looks at this as a "two-sided thing", I'm afraid I don't have much confidence that the players will be represented well. There are many internal conflicts within the NHLPA that need to get ironed out before they try and negotiate with the owners.

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Around the NHL

The Time Wayne Gretzky Called Out Michael Jordan In Vegas -
I don't care if this is true or not, it's awesome.

Jaroslav Halak Blues' Mask Invokes the Spirit of Jake the Snake, While Player Agent Epitomizes Snake Behind the Scenes - Habs Eyes On The Prize
Robert's offended by Jaroslav Halak's new goalie mask in St. Louis, which he sees as a dig at the Montreal organization incited by his agent, Allan Walsh. Seriously.

New chapter opens in Halak's career -
Meanwhile in St. Louis, they're banking on Halak carrying the Blues to a higher level. They've given him a four-year contract for $15 million, but I'm not sure that he's an upgrade from Chris Mason.

Reasonable Expectations: Jarome Iginla 2010-11 - Behind The Net
Is Iggy's decline inevitable, or will the return of Olli Jokinen trigger a rebound? Um... on second thought...

The Beatdown of Alberta - The Copper & Blue
Edmonton's trouble with Calgary only begins on the ice...

2010 Southeast Division Preview: Blogger Roundtable
Taking at the upcoming season for the Nashville Predators Goaltending Alumni Club.

Down Goes Brown: Dear son, welcome to life as a Leaf fan
Call this one "DGB: The Next Generation".

The 5 Lamest Stories of the NHL Off-Season - Battle of California
Just in case you've been in a coma for the last couple months, RudyKelly can bring you up to speed.

Hockey nut Harper sounds ready to drop hundreds of millions on sports arenas. - Cult of Hockey
Is Canada getting ready to head towards American-style subsidization of sports arena development? That could not only lead towards an NHL return to Quebec City, but a new venue for Edmonton as well.

NHLPA chickens out on Don Fehr, Phoenix feels squeeze, more -
Jim Kelley's notes have an interesting sequence to them. As the City of Glendale struggles to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix, and prepares to dip into a $25 million fund to cover their operating losses, Kelley notes that Quebec is lining up to use tax dollars to build a new arena in hopes of bringing the NHL back, and advises them to watch what's happening in the desert.

Defining "grit", Part I - Nucks Misconduct
An interesting exercise in hockey talk from our Vancouver brethren.

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