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Weekend notes: Ryan Ellis on fire heading into Predators camp

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Yeah, I know it's a big Saturday of college football (sorry Pete, but Michigan's going to stomp your Irish) and English Premier League soccer (Go Blackpool!), but there are some good hockey stories worth sharing this morning.

Follow after the jump for a recap of the benefit dinner and silent auction for Peterson for Parkinson's, an insider's account of the different types of personalities which make up a pro hockey team, and the question of just what a defensive forward has to do to make the Hockey Hall of Fame...

Predators News

Dirkmonster: Changing the Parkinson's disease bus route
A fortuitously-named Nashville blogger adds his perspective to Thursday night's benefit dinner for Peterson for Parkinson's.

Three Minutes With: Predators goalie coach Mitch Korn… | Section 303
Jeremy catches up with one of the most critical members of the Predators organization.

Ellis gives Spitfires edge - Windsor Star
Ryan Ellis got off to a quick start with the Spitfires, notching two goals and two assists in an exhibition win before getting ready to come to Nashville for training camp. Could it have been his game of junior hockey? Unlikely, but if it was, what a way to finish.

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Around the NHL

NHL Training Camp Preview - The Globe and Mail
Eric Duhatschek shares 10 storylines worth following this season.

Cry, the Defensive Forward - Behind The Net
An excellent discussion on just what it takes for defensive forwards to get recognized for their career achievements.

Bourne Blog: The hockey locker-room clique scouting report - Puck Daddy
Seriously cool insight from Justin Bourne on the different types of guys who make up a hockey team.

The NHL Fake Tattoo Sleeve: Potential sign of the apocalypse - Puck Daddy
Horrifying, simply horrifying...

Oilers contracts had to pass a "smell test" in the past, Lowe says. So why not in recent years? - Cult of Hockey
After their run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006, the Oilers stopped using the "smell test" on new contracts. And now, the team just smells. Go figure...

Burke Q&A - The Globe and Mail
James Mirtle talks with the Toronto GM about testifying during the Ilya Kovalchuk hearing, and his very public condemnation of long-term cap-evading contracts.

The Growing (Relative) Wealth of the NHL's Upper-Middle Class - Japers' Rink
One of the very few commentaries on the NHL's salary structure that actually looks at the data involved. Interesting stuff here.

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