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Fantasy Hockey resources:

With hockey training camps opening this week, it's time to take a look at some of the resources that can help you compete in Fantasy Hockey, whether you're just starting out, or if you're an old hand at hockey pools. With any luck, I'll also offer up something later this week that I think you'll enjoy.


Today we turn our attention to one of the most full-featured fantasy hockey resources available,

A Frozen Pool of hockey knowledge

By offering a wide variety of content and services, hockey fans can get as much or as little out of as they like depending on the price point. For free, there are news updates and analytical pieces from a number of contributors, usually with multiple articles daily. Darryl Dobbs ("Dobber") also chimes in with updates based on late breaking news such as trades & injuries.

There is also a section loaded with some eye-popping analytical tools, FrozenPool, which allows users to dig into detailed information that you just can't find anywhere else. Be careful, if you dive into the FrozenPool you could easily lose a few hours before coming up for air.

For instance, do you want to know who Patric Hornqvist played with at even strength last year? With just a couple clicks, we see that just over 23% of his ice time was spent with Jason Arnott and Steve Sullivan, while a line with he and Sully centered by Marcel Goc represented just under 21% of his EV work.

Or, you can compare Shea Weber side-by-side with Duncan Keith. During the season, there are also tools to display the lines used for a given team over their last 3 games. This is critical for fantasy purposes, to quickly identify when a player gets an audition on a top line, or a high-paid winger gets demoted down the depth chart.

Those are just 3 examples of what you can find in FrozenPool, but that only scratches the surface...

In-Depth Guides Available, Too

Dobber also presents a thorough Fantasy Guide available for download ($9.99) which contains all the team-by-team and player-by-player analysis to prepare you for Draft Day, along with an Excel spreadsheet which covers the top 500 projected scorers for the upcoming season.

There are also additional options such as a Keeper Pack available for an extra $6 (which is geared towards keeper leagues, and identifying those players you'll want to acquire and hold onto), and the Ultimate Fantasy Pack ($28.99) which includes everything previously discussed, along with a mid-season Fantasy Guide Update (to help you position your squad for the stretch drive) and a Playoff Draft List for those who participate in playoff pools.

On the web, updates are just a click away

Unlike a print publication, DobberHockey has the advantage of constantly updating his projections based on the latest developments, and his Fantasy Guide will be updated every few days leading up to the start of the regular season. This can present a huge advantage when a training camp injury strikes a team you may not be overly familiar with, and the fantasy implications can reach multiple players who get bumped up the depth chart temporarily.

Regardless of whether you end up using their guide or not, the free tools available at should make it a bookmarked site for any fantasy hockey manager, or for that matter, any inquisitive hockey fan.

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