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Who is public enemy #1 for Nashville Predators fans?

This weekend's hockey conversation is intended to start your blood boiling for the regular season. After all, being a hockey fan isn't just about the positive emotion of cheering on your team, there's also a healthy dose of bitterness for the rivals that stand in the way of Nashville's success.

Who is public enemy #1 for Nashville Predators fans?

Some villains from years past are really no longer relevant. Off-ice troublemakers like "Boots" Del Biaggio, Jim Balsillie, and Brian Whitfield are no longer a concern, and many on-ice competitors aren't around much any more (Ron Wilson doesn't present much of a threat from Toronto).

So who gets your vote? Is it Marian Hossa, for scoring that game winning OT goal in Game 5 of the playoffs, snatching victory away from the Preds? Is it Mike Babcock, head coach of the Red Wings, who the Preds have still yet to surpass in the Central Division standings?

Sound off in the comments, folks!

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