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Pre-Season Game Thread: Carolina vs. Nashville

It's time for our first Game Thread, everybody! If you're new to OtF, Game Threads are simply open posts that we run shortly before game time, in which users can comment on the action as the game goes on. If you're at the game, pull up the site on your mobile browser, you can still join in.

Make sure to check out the Game Preview from earlier today, and heck, go ahead and read the Season Preview, too...

If you're a newbie, make sure you check out these handy tips:

Press C to tab to new comments, Shift-C to tab backwards, X to mark as read, and Shift-A to mark all read.
The best: Z will simultaneously mark and tab forward, and R will reply to the comment that has focus.

"Z" is my personal fave... One other thing I'd recommend is to check out the "actions" link below every comment. If you see something you like, click that, and hit "Rec" which pops up. If a comment gets enough recommendations, it gets highlighted within the thread. That's a much better way to prop something up than with a simple "+1" comment or something.

So let's have some fun tonight, folks!