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Meet Harlow Salon, the team behind the Nashville Predators Dancers & Ice Girls

Readers of OtF know that I'm in favor of supporting the local businesses which support the Predators, and towards that end, I wanted to let you know about Nashville's Harlow Salon, a Music Row boutique which recently signed an agreement to provide services for the Predators Dancers and Ice Girls.

Follow after the jump to hear about the home of "the most hockey-knowledgeable hairdressers you'll ever meet", including some very good reasons why Predators fans should check them out...

Salon Harlow can be found at 1516 Demonbreun, right next door to the Tin Roof, where we had the Hockey Tweetup for Flood Relief back in June. They recently placed 3rd in the 2010 Toast of Music City Award for Best Salon, so have already made a good name for themselves around Nashville, and now Predators fans have an extra reason to stop by as well.

Co-owners Eva and Shana of Harlow Salon
Co-owners Eva and Shana of Harlow Salon

I got Shana Dyer, co-owner of the salon along with her friend and business partner Eva Marie, to answer a few questions about their new relationship with the Preds:

OtF: What does it mean for Harlow Salon to work with the Nashville Predators?
We will take care of the Dancers' and Ice Girls' hair and makeup needs, and it's AWESOME! Everyone here is super-excited, and we're huge Predators fans. We can't wait to start going to games as a group after getting the girls ready, and cheer on our boys! This is a huge thing for Harlow...I think it will definitely take us to a new level in Nashville.

OtF: Between the Ice Girls and the Dancers, that seems like a huge job to handle them all. Does it take pretty much your whole staff to pull it off?
Absolutely! There are 22 total girls and our 7-member team takes care of every single one of them. We do everything from extensions to color and highlights. We even offer hairstyling and makeup for the girls for Predators events...any time they need us, we're there for them!

OtF note: Besides Shana and Eva, you can also read about Katie, Chris, John, Heather and Carrie on Harlow's About page. Chris (shown below) wouldn't look out of place in a hockey locker room, he's a big dude who told me the gang there consists of "the most hockey-knowledgeable hairdressers you'll ever meet".


OtF: According to your site, you opened this salon in 2007, but it seems like you've come a long way in a short time with the Toast of Music City Awards, and now this partnership with the Preds. Where do you go from here?
We are very proud of our accomplishments and Harlow has definitely been a dream of my partner, Eva, and I for the last 10 years...we finally were able to open our doors (and make our dreams a reality!) in January of 2007 and moved to our current location in February of 2009. We have grown fairly quickly, but also at a steady pace, which I think means we're going to last! We did take 3rd in the Toast of Music City Award this year, and we're nominated again this year for the Nashville Scene's Best Of Contest 2010 (don't forget to vote!). We've thought about "what if" we could work with the Preds, but when we signed the papers the other day...we just couldn't stop smiling, this is such a big deal! The Nashville Predators are a NATIONAL Hockey team and we get to be a part of that? I mean...really, how amazing is this??? You asked "where do we go from here?" I guess I'd have to say, I'd really like to expand our salon. Right now we just offer hair, makeup and facial waxing services. We would love to be able to offer spa services as well. Massages, facials, nails etc. Somewhere for the Predators girls to come get pampered and relax before a game or on an "away game" weekend, the possibilities are endless!

OtF: I'm assuming you wouldn't pursue this opportunity if you weren't already a Predators fan?
I've been a hockey fan since I can remember (all sports, really) and to be so closely involved with a huge national team like this is a dream come true! In fact...for my birthday in April I went to a game with 8 of my friends, my best friend had Gnash personally deliver me my very own 3rd jersey with "Harlow" on the back and the number 11, the year Jean Harlow was born (she's the actress we named the salon after). I rode the Zamboni, and my hubby had my name put up on the Megatron! I seriously think it was the best day of my life! To say I'm a 'Predators Fan' might be a slight understatement...

OtF: Besides supporting the Preds, how do you think this relationship will help build your business?
I think with as many fans as the Preds have, maybe some of them will see the dancers and ice girls hair and think, "wow, I love their hair! I wonder how I can get my hair to look like that?? I have GOT to find out the salon that takes care of them!" We just love taking care of the girls, and if Preds fans came into the salon we could treat them with comp tickets or goodie bags...we love doing neat things for our clients, and if we know they're hockey fans, well that just makes it easier! :) In fact, we had a meet and greet party with the girls a few weeks back and they gave us a huge stack of "free ticket" vouchers that we passed out to clients for pre-season games...they were SO excited!!! And if the great hair doesn't keep them coming back, the possibility of seeing one of the dancers (or players?!) in the salon, or getting one of those cool free ticket passes is a guarantee to get those fans coming to Harlow!

OtF: If you could get one of the Predators in the door as a client, which would it be, and what could you do for him?
Oh, what an easy question! :) My favorite player is definitely Pekka Rinne, so I'd have to say's hard to see his hair when he's got all his gear on, but from the pictures I'd love to texture it and add some blonde highlights in the front...oh, who am I kidding? His hair is perfect, just like him!

Pekka Rinne

#35 / Goalie / Nashville Predators



Nov 03, 1982

OtF: I know hair stylists can keep a lot of secrets, but I have to ask...Gnash has that shock of bright yellow hair on top of his head. Real, or dye job??
Now you know a good stylist NEVER gives away their secrets!!! *wink* I'll never tell!


Thanks to Shana and Eva for participating, and best of luck to Harlow Salon during the upcoming season. If you decide to stop by and check them out (call at 615-291-9990 or find them on Twitter at @HarlowSalon), be sure to let 'em know where you heard about them!