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The OTF Guardian Project Giveaway - win an NHL jersey or graphic novel!

Which will win the vote? The Blue, or The Predator?
Which will win the vote? The Blue, or The Predator?

It's time to fire up the OTF Giveaway Machine once again, this time in coordination with the NHL's Guardian Project. All this month, fans are able to vote on which NHL team's hero will be revealed, and tomorrow's matchup pits "The Predator" (a "Titanium Music City Super Cat") against "The Blue" (who I assume blows his horn and looks after sheep).

I can tell you from personal experience that my kids are excited about the Guardian Project. Usually all three mob me at the computer each evening until we've checked out the latest debut, watched that hero's video, and voted in the upcoming match-ups.

The PR team working with the NHL reached out to me to help drum up the vote among the Nashville faithful, so that's what I'm here to do! All it takes is a Twitter account to enter...

Follow after the jump for all the details!

Info About the Guardian Project

Spawned from the mind of comic book legend Stan Lee, the Guardian Project tells the unique story of a boy who has the ability to transform his imaginary best friends into superheroes. Mike Mason is the leader of the 30 Guardians, the greatest team of superheroes ever assembled (represented by each NHL team).

Official Site -

Facebook -

Twitter -

YouTube -    

Contest Rules

The Guardian 30 Match-Up is a Facebook application that will enable fans to determine the order in which eachteam's Guardian will be unveiled. Voting will launch on Monday, Dec. 20 and will continue throughout January,with fans determining which team will win each match-up. Vote to reveal your team's superhero at the official NHL Facebook channel now!

Entering is Easy!

Simply tweet the following message by midnight Central time tonight (January 10, 2011) for a chance to win! 2 winners will be chosen at random and alerted by me (@Forechecker) via Twitter on January 11. Entrants must be 18+ and reside within the US or Canada (excl. Quebec). One entry per person.

Here's what your tweet needs to say:

RT 4 a chance to win an @NHL Jersey or Guardian Project Graphic Novel from @Forechecker & @NHLGuardians. Vote now! 


Grand Prize: NHL Jersey from your favorite team (1 winner)

Runner Up: Guardian Project Graphic Novel (1 winner)

That's all there is to it! Enter by sending that tweet out by midnight Central, tonight, January 10, 2011. Best of luck to you!

Winners Announced!

Update (January 11, 2011): Congratulations to our winners - @daisyrae87, who won the NHL jersey, and @arachnerd, who wins the Guardian Project Graphic Novel! Thanks to all of you for participating...