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J.P. Dumont Shoots More Than You Think - Wednesday's notes

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One of the reactions we heard all over the place last night in response to J.P. Dumont's surprising hat trick in Phoenix was that at long last, J.P. is shooting the puck, and that is playing a large role in his recent success (5 goals over the last two games). But is J.P. really a hesitant shooter, or is this just a label which has been unfairly hung on him by the fans?

It's worth revisiting one of my favorite hockey articles ever, Kent Wilson's The Limits of Observation, which discusses the various psychological factors which influence the way fans watch and think about the game of hockey:

Perhaps the best known heuristic amongst sports fans is confirmation bias, defined as the tendency to seek to confirm original beliefs or theories. Even when information is incomplete or sullied by confounding factors, people tend to generate hypotheses about it's meaning and then try to confirm these original guesses thereafter. For example, an Oilers fan sees a 30 second clip of an Edmonton prospect on youtube. He has no other real information on the player initially, but the clip shows the prospect flying through the opposition and scoring a highlight reel goal. The perception in the Oilers fan's mind is now established: Prospect X is good. Afterwards, the fan will be motivated to seek out and foreground data that confirms this belief (other highlights, performances at training camp, in drills, etc.) and disregard data that conflicts with this belief (poor counting numbers in a prior season, a bad shift during a game, etc.). Of course, the more info the fan finds to confirm his perception, the more ingrained it will become as a fact in his mind and, therefore, the more resistant he will become to conflicting input. By actively finding information consistent with the perception (while rejecting data inconsistent with the belief), the confirmation bias acts as a sort of psychological positive feedback loop over time.    

I would suggest that "Prospect X" in Nashville is Linus Klasen, whose YouTube videos had fans drooling over the possibility of having a star-quality puck-dangler on the Predators' roster. What was left unsaid was how badly the defensemen he were that he was victimizing, compared to what you typically find across the NHL each night. Klasen has a long ways to go to prove he can be a regular contributor at the NHL level, but the potential is what folks cling to.

Another example of this dynamic comes with J.P. Dumont, who has been tagged with the moniker "Just Pass Dumont", the poster child for a shoot-last mentality that frustrates Preds fans. But does J.P. actually shoot the puck less than his comparable teammates? The table below shows the basic data for each Nashville forward with at least 10 games played and more than 5 minutes of ice time per game, along with a final column for how many shots they take per 60 minutes of ice time:

 Player Pos  GP   G   A   P   S   S%   TOI/G   Shots/60 
 Patric Hornqvist R 43 15 10 25 155 9.7 16:05 13.4
 Marcel Goc C 40 8 11 19 88 9.1 16:31 8.0
 Jordin Tootoo R 32 4 6 10 47 8.5 12:01 7.3
 Steve Sullivan L 34 10 10 20 69 14.5 17:10 7.1
 J.P. Dumont R 46 9 7 16 67 13.4 12:20 7.1
 David Legwand C 28 5 10 15 52 9.6 17:21 6.4
 Joel Ward R 46 5 11 16 77 6.5 16:45 6.0
 Martin Erat R 30 6 13 19 49 12.2 17:15 5.7
 Colin Wilson C 46 11 12 23 61 18.0 14:01 5.7
 Sergei Kostitsyn L 42 11 12 23 50 22.0 14:00 5.1
 Jerred Smithson C 46 5 4 9 48 10.4 14:49 4.2
 Cal O`Reilly C 38 6 12 18 44 13.6 16:54 4.1
 Nick Spaling L 38 4 3 7 31 12.9 13:09 3.7

It's worth noting that since he's 6th among regular forwards in power play ice time, it's not like his numbers are getting padded by a favorable workload. Does J.P. pass up shot opportunities occasionally? Of course he does, pretty much all the Preds do (as well as other players around the league). I'd argue that in J.P.'s case he got this label applied to him, and it gets re-emphasized at every opportunity. In reality, however, he shoots about as much as the rest of the Preds, and more than young guns Colin Wilson & Sergei Kostitsyn, who are enjoying some good fortune (read: unsustainable shooting percentages) in their 11-goal seasons so far.

So keep on firing, J.P., and that goes for the rest of the Preds, too. For now, follow after the jump for your morning hockey news!

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