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Shea Weber leads victorious Team Lidstrom at NHL All-Star Game

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Shea Weber had an outstanding day at the NHL All-Star Game, leading all skaters with 4 assists and also posting a a +6 rating in 19:29 of ice time. As Nashville Predators Hockey Communications Coordinator Kevin Wilson noted on Twitter, he's the first defenseman with 4 assists in an All-Star Game since Ray Bourque did it in 1985! Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks was named MVP with one goal and two assists, a surprising decision considering Loui Eriksson of Dallas had two goals and two assists, and hometown favorite Eric Staal popped in two goals with a game-leading 8 shots.

Shea didn't uncork his legendary slap shot, surely in the interest of not risking injury to one of the other All-Stars.

In the process, he blew away the previous Nashville Predators franchise record for scoring in an All-Star Game, which was one point (an assist by Jason Arnott in 2008). Weber had the good fortune of playing alongside legendary blueliner Nicklas Lidstrom, as their team defeated Team Staal 11-10.

Follow after the jump for video highlights and advanced stats!

Game highlights (may have to wait a little bit post-game for them to become available):

For advanced even-strength statistics, you can check out this game's data via Steven Stamkos and Paul Stastny were the standout Corsi performers.