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NHL's Guardian Project finally shows heroes in action

During the 2nd intermission of today's NHL All-Star Game we finally got to see the new superheroes of the NHL's Guardian Project in action, during a brief show (which you can see after the jump) which introduced the main villain of the piece (Deven Dark), who captures the Guardians, with the exception of The Hurricane, who is able to fight him off momentarily.

The concept is starting to get more interactive, with a dedicated website, social media campaign, and background material starting to become available. Follow on, then, to see what's being revealed...

While a graphic novel, and website games appear to be on the way, one item that can be ordered right now is a poster depicting all 30 Guardians, available from Amazon (affiliate link):

Online, is the hub for all things related to the Guardian Project. Once you register on the site, you can scour through the Chronicles for background information tied to each of the heroes, including a battle featuring The Predator (which you can download as a PDF), in which he rescues a country-singing damsel in distress. Over in The Vault, there are interactive displays of the Guardians which become available presumably as they become rescued from Deven Dark, as right now only the Hurricane is open, but it goes into more detail about his powers, and offers up a poster, desktop wallpaper, and comic book available for download.

Here's how it all got kicked off in Raleigh:

Can They Save Us? (via theguardianproject30)

Will this be a hit with the younger crowd? As I've said before, my three wee folk (ages 8, 8 and 7) have been looking forward all month to their debut today, and watched this opening sequence in rapt silence. Once I show them this other material available online, I'm sure they'll crave more!