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The best story in Nashville sports: those amazing Predators

While there's a lot of drama going on these days with the Tennessee Titans, and which over-hyped, under-performing individuals will be kept with or jettisoned from that dysfunctional organization, the best damned story in Nashville sports is how the Predators have overcome adversity to keep on climbing through the NHL standings.

From the West Coast, Josh Cooper of The Tennessean called into the Thom Abraham Show earlier this afternoon to share some perspective on how the Preds are getting it done these days. You can listen to that interview right here:

Josh Cooper on Thom Abraham Show 20110107 (MP3)

By the way, a question that came up during the interview had to do with the last time the Preds swept their way through California, that occurred in November of 2008.

Pekka & Puck Talk on 104.5

In addition, Pekka Rinne will be calling in to 104.5 The Zone around 6:05 p.m. today, and they'll be taking hockey calls for the rest of that hour. So if you're sick of all the Titans nonsense, take this opportunity to jump into the discussion and get the hockey talk rolling. The Preds deserve it, and face it, the fans do too!

Pekka Rinne

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Nov 03, 1982