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Mike Fisher on 102.5 The Game talking up "Defending The Faith"

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This afternoon over on the Aaron Solomon Show on 102.5 The Game, Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher was joined by author Kim Washburn to talk about their new book, Defender of Faith: The Mike Fisher Story , which is targeted to readers age 9-12, and came out in August.

Fisher is actually the second Pred to have a book about his life come out this year, as back in March, the story of Jordin Tootoo's journey to the NHL also hit bookstores.

It makes you wonder what we'll see next from Nashville's hockey-playing literary society. Mattias Ekholm has been blogging quite a bit, perhaps he'll publish his personal memoirs? Or how about fellow bloggers Jonathon Blum, Blake Geoffrion, or Colin Wilson? Perhaps the new motto to hang in the dressing room should read "the keyboard is mightier than the Koho".

You can listen to today's radio segment via the following link, or order the book from Amazon below.

Mike Fisher on 1025 The Game 20111012 (mp3)