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Monday's notes: Stu Grimson gets the last shot

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It was a busy weekend for the NHL, and as the Nashville Predators head out for a road trip, our morning hockey notes touch on their prospects for finding success away from home, Stu Grimson closing the book on the whole Don-Cherry-blasting-enforcers affair, and a whole lot more...

Nashville Predators News

Preds On The Glass: POTG Monday Highlights, News and Links: Preds Head to the Wild, Wild, West
Buddy's breakfast assortment ranges from all around the NHL, to NASA, and a cool look at Native American hockey players.

Preds On The Glass: Western Canada Trip Provides Team-Building Opportunity for the Predators
For many of the Predators, a trip like this is a chance to get back home.

Inside Smashville " Bouillon makes trip to Western Canada with Predators
The Cube's return to game action inches ever closer.

Hockey Night in Nashville: What do players do on game days?
All those naps... is this a hockey team or a pre-school?

Change of Seasons Doesn’t Necessarily Equal a Successful Formula for Nashville | The Predatorial
Slow starts - are they The Predator Way?

Ryan And Slaney Sent To Cincy | Admirals Roundtable
Yes, that's the Robert Slaney described as "the only piece remaining in the organization from the trade that sent Lombardi and Franson to Toronto."

Sunday Morning Rant - 10/16/2011 - Predlines
An assortment of observations, and an appeal for calm.

Nashville Predators see room for improvement - The Tennessean
That's a very polite way of putting it.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Google+ - A gathering of both hockey bloggers and mainstream-media…
Using the new Shared Circles feature on Google+, I've let loose a circle of hockey writers both mainstream and blogoriffic for your following pleasure. If you'd like to be added to this list, just give me a shout over there.

A Theory of Ice: Epistemology is a Bitch
Home-Freaking-Run: "...the statisticians are damn near the only ones in this game who maintain any strict standards of epistemological honesty, and I’m afraid more and more than[sic] the assertion of faith in ‘intangibles’ is just an excuse for unfounded speculation on the character of people we do not know."

Ex-NHL brawlers won’t sue Cherry; Grimson rips ‘Ron and Don’ - Puck Daddy
Stu Grimson gets the last word here, and nails it.

Don Cherry’s grovelling fails to erase errors - The Globe and Mail
There's a certain circle of hockey writers who won't rest until Don Cherry gets fired from Coach's Corner.

Don Cherry will be missed when he’s gone - National Post
Whenever that day does come, it'll be the end of an era.

Devils: Cam Janssen's fight helped change game in Nashville |
New Jersey eventually won the game, so Janssen is viewed as a hero, even though less than 2% of voters thought he won the fight. That's hindsight-driven narrative for you!

Carter Suffers Foot Injury | BlueJackets Xtra
Still without one high-priced acquisition (James Wizniewski) due to suspension, Columbus loses Jeff Carter for a short while with a hairline fracture.

Simmonds talks about facing Kings " LA Kings Insider
Saturday night wasn't just about Mike Richards battling his former team, the Philadelphia Flyers. On the other side, you had Wayne Simmonds playing against his old Kings mates.

Time Capsule Discovered in Maple Leaf Gardens - The Hockey Writers
Has a treasure trove from 1931 been discovered at Maple Leaf Gardens? The Chris Chelios rookie card found therein sure seems convincing.

Canes Now - Karmanos: Canes to add other N.C. investors | blogs
Pete Karmanos continues to shore up his ownership group in Carolina. So what's taking Brett Wilson so long to join the Preds?

Eat the NHL: Check out Foogos, food-created hockey logos - Puck Daddy
Just in time for your early lunch...

More Transparency and Education Needed in the Counter-Culture - View From My Seats
The increased focus on head shots and player safety has opened the door to a broader discussion on how fighting is still tolerated in the NHL.

Hey Darcy! Next Time Put A Sock In It - Nucks Misconduct
Strong words came back to bite Darcy Hordichuk in the form of a failed hip check.

Rivet's love for the game is priceless - The Buffalo News
From captain of an NHL team to the ECHL; sure, that's a huge drop for Craig Rivet, but continuing to play competitive hockey is what it's all about for him.

Now why would Hockey Canada’s prez want the NHL draft age pushed back? - Buzzing The Net
An earnest proposal, or self-interested posturing? From the NHL perspective I like the idea of drafting players who are closer to being ready for the pros, but it could be seen as a business move by the junior leagues to retain top talent.

QMJHL: Important pieces of the puzzle falling into place for Saint John - Buzzing The Net
Charles-Olivier Roussel has the opportunity to play for a giant of a junior team, following his recent trade.