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Canucks 5, Predators 1: Nashville down early & can't get up

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Well, that wasn't the rebound we were hoping for, but you can imagine there's a collective sigh in Vancouver as the Canucks earned their first win on home ice. The Preds got down early, fought hard in the second to keep it from getting worse, but then couldn't muster much of anything in the 3rd, losing 5-1 as they head to Calgary on Saturday.

Follow after the jump for video & some reaction...

First up, the video highlights:

Scattered thoughts on tonight's game:

  • Yikes, what a train wreck that 1st period was. Sure, there were a few bounces in there against the Preds, but they were out-shot 2-to-1 and when you spend that much time in your own end, something bad's eventually going to happen.
  • That said, there were a few encouraging signs in the 2nd, thanks to some good penalty killing work.
  • Then again, spending that much time in the box is never good. In the end, the Preds had more penalty minutes (30) than shots (26). This is the first time that's happened to Nashville since December 9, 2008, the infamous game in which Vancouver came into town and steamrolled the Preds, including the hit which many people believe started the downswing in J.P. Dumont's career.
  • Not happy at all to see Shea Weber's penalties, both of which put the Preds down 5-3. Not what you want from a captain.
I'll have advanced stats in the morning...