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On The Forecheck named Best Sports Blog in Nashville Scene's "Best of Nashville 2011"

As Vice-President Biden famously said to President Obama right before a press conference...
As Vice-President Biden famously said to President Obama right before a press conference...

We're very proud to announce that as part the Nashville Scene's Best of Nashville 2011 issue, has been selected as the Writers' Choice for Best Sports Blog in Nashville. Here's what they had to say:

Dirk Hoag's Predators-centric blog is the crème de la crème of a boom crop of local sports blogs. Aided ably by a handful of merry prankster assistant editors, Hoag does yeoman's work at OTF: twice-daily news dumps, statistical analysis, game recaps. But as always, a blog is only as good as its readers, and the comment threads are strong distillations of the best (and sometimes, worst) of fandom: rollicking non sequitur discussions, cheers, jeers and in-jokes. OTF is a family - with all the baggage that carries - and it's at its best when Poppa Dirk lets the kids get away with a little mischief. J.R. LIND

Thanks go out to the writing crew that contribute here on the site (Chris, Sam, Marc, Ryan, Aditya and Seth) and of course you the readers, who turn this assortment of bits & pixels into a dynamic, welcoming community for Nashville Predators fans, whether new or old. If we're a family, well, let's just say we're taking in a lot of foster kids these days.

But that's not the only landmark achievement we're marking today here at OTF. The odometer is tripping over again, as this week we hit our 2,000,000th visit and 4,000,000th page-view since joining SB Nation back in February of 2009. Those numbers are mind-boggling compared to the early days when I used to publish OTF over on the old Blogger platform, and hope for a few dozen visitors a day!

So if you're a returning visitor here, thanks helping make this place what it is today. If this is your first time, consider signing up and joining the crew (trust me, the Game Threads are a great way to watch a game), or subscribing to the site on Twitter or Facebook as we get ready to embark on the wild ride that is the NHL Regular Season!

Go Preds!

Now here's a look at the swanky soiree that took place at the Parthenon in Nashville to celebrate this year's winners...