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Friday's notes: Thank a Veteran

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Today is Veterans Day, an occasion which in some ways highlights how trivial some our daily pursuits are, when compared to the burden taken on by those who protect our way of life.

I couldn't hope to express our gratitude to the men & women who serve or have served our country any more eloquently than Mark over at The View From 111, so I'll present an excerpt of his outstanding blog entry here:

To all that have served, both living and dead, and are serving today, we honor you. Thank you for all that you have done or are doing to keep us free, to preserve our liberties, and to allow us to live in peace. Our gratitude is heartfelt. As a people, we stand on your shoulders.

This day will pass, and the tributes to veterans will quickly fade into memories.

To those that have served and are serving, know this: we will never forget you. We will never take for granted what you have done for us and are continuing to do even to this day.

The quiet, simple crosses demand that we remember and that we honor you.    

And now, your morning hockey notes...

Be there for the Preds' 1000th regular season game on Saturday vs. Montreal - take the OTF Discount!

Nashville Predators News

The Warden: Nashville Predators Celebrate 1,000th Game Saturday Night | Section 303
The founder of Cell Block 303, Mark Hollingsworth, reflects on the long strange trip.

Smashville 24/7: Game 1,000: All-Franchise Team
Ryan picks a 20-man lineup representing the best of the Preds.

Facts and figures for Nashville’s 1,000th game on Saturday… | Section 303
Assorted bits of trivia and lore as the 1000th game approacheth.

This Mid-November Game is Worth a Thousand Games " Music City Mindset
To the generation which has grown up with the Predators, they're as historic as an Original Six squad, writes Ryan.

At 1,000-game mark, Preds' Trotz reflects on career -
He's the consummate pro, and still has a lot of gas left in the tank.

Paul McCann - Friday Notes
Paul touches on developments around the league, including one Montreal star who may not play against the Preds.

Matt Halischuk: Exceeding Expectations | The Predatorial
I know lots of folks dig "Hustlechuk"...

Craig Smith has a boring name, but he’s playing exciting hockey - Puck Daddy
Honey Badger, meet Puck Daddy. 

Needed move turns to beneficial one for Predators - The Tennessean
Pretty much every line Craig Smith has played on has looked good, hasn't it?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Penn State scandal sounds too familiar - Toronto Sun
Steve Simmons draws some connections between Penn State and the Graham James affair.

Trade Confirmed: Kris Russell to Blues for Nikita Nikitin - The Cannon
Another Columbus-St. Louis transaction took place late last night, with the teams swapping defensemen.

Pizzo’s Points: Ron Wilson should stop crying - Backhand Shelf
Some things never change, do they?

Five reasons to watch the Dallas Stars - The Dallas Morning News
If Studley Wonderbomb is indeed back, that solves a long-standing problem on the Dallas blueline.

This Week in Terrible Hockey - Stamkos Take a One-Timer? Naaaah. That Won't Happen - Puck Drunk Love
A nice breakdown of a typical Stamkos slapper.

Marc Staal of Rangers bound for more concussion tests following brother’s blow -
The New York defenseman is still out for an indeterminate time.

Capitals Nicklas Backstrom leads NHL's most efficent scorers - Sarah Kwak -
Do they not get at

Winnipeg Jets are bottom third in almost every important category | Illegal Curve Hockey
But hey, they're happy up there. If ever a team was in position to play the kids and use this as a developmental season, the Jets are.

"I Ain't Never Been To Jail" - Hawks 6, Jackets 3 - Second City Hockey
The Blackhawks put a pounding on the Blue Jackets in Columbus. Ugly stuff.

Marleau and Niemi spoil former Sharks' return, win 3-1 - Fear The Fin
The Sharks are on the hunt, with an 8-1-1 record of late.

Canucks at Kings Recap ; Just A Little Bit Harder (3-2W) - Nucks Misconduct
Vancouver got Los Angeles back to their losing ways (the Kings are now 3-5-2 in their last 10).

Colorado Avalanche "Must Win" against the New York Islanders Was Won. Final score 4-3 (OT). - Mile High Hockey
The Avs lived up to J.S. Giguere's pre-game talk.

Versteeg shines as Panthers handle Jets 5-2 - Litter Box Cats
Them kitty cats are pretty tough...

Leafs 3 - Blues 2 SO: Bailed Out by Big Ben - Pension Plan Puppets
Ben Scrivens saved Toronto's bacon again!