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Tuesday's notes: Lucic-Miller still the talk of the league

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Even though it was the Hall of Fame's night, the league is still buzzing over the Milan Lucic-Ryan Miller incident, and Brendan Shanahan's handling of it.
Even though it was the Hall of Fame's night, the league is still buzzing over the Milan Lucic-Ryan Miller incident, and Brendan Shanahan's handling of it.

Even though last night's Hockey Hall of Fame ceremony took center stage, talk around the NHL is still focused on the Milan Lucic-Ryan Miller incident, and Brendan Shanahan's decision not to suspend Lucic for running the Buffalo goaltender. In this morning's notes, we have writers wondering if we have a new bully rampaging their way through the league, the question of whether "on-ice justice" actually has any effect, and a whole lot more...

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Taking Out The Trash – More Rubbish From Hockey’s Future | Admirals Roundtable

I hesitated a bit over whether to include that Hockey's Future article in yesterday's notes piece, and perhaps I should have left it out altogether. Or would folks rather I include it and point out the problems? I know sometimes noses can get bent out of shape.

Nashville is a hockey town - CBC Sports
Women's hockey legend Cassie Campbell came to Nashville for Saturday's game as part of the CBC crew, and left impressed.

Nashville Predators look to fill Joel Ward's void - The Tennessean
So far I don't see anyone stepping into that role successfully.

The Predators rank tops among professional sports teams in the bang for their payroll buck | Nashville City Paper
It looks like someone may have just come across the Bloomberg article from a few weeks ago...

Also, kudos to Colin Wilson for participating in a recent anti-bullying campaign:

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Mark Howe Hockey Hall of Fame speech a show stopper (w/VIDEO) - Hockey Gear HQ
The highlight of the 2011 Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony was Mark Howe's acceptance speech, a touch of pure class.

Shanahan on Lucic ruling, slams Buffalo’s ‘irresponsible’ comments - Puck Daddy
Was this Brendan Shanahan's most controversial ruling yet? 

Are The Bruins Once Again The NHL’s Bullies? - The Hockey Writers
If the NHL can't slow them down, can anyone?

No, He Doesn’t Have a Point -
Then again, Tom Benjamin pours water on the whole notion of on-ice justice. 

Ruff foresees goalie violence; Bruins GM mocks Miller’s potty-mouth - Puck Daddy
Does the league need to do something as a result of the Lucic-Miller incident? 

N.H.L. General Managers to Discuss Rule Changes -
Forget this stuff, we're interested in the trade talks which will surely take place at times.

Nathan MacKinnon’s A Future NHL Superstar - The Hockey Writers
Projecting top picks for the 2013 draft? Gadzooks!

Zero Points, Zero Love for Blake Comeau - Lighthouse Hockey
They're losing patience with the Islanders' 2nd-round pick from 2004...

Technology, hockey savvy put Phoenix Coyotes video coach Steve Peters in demand - AZ Central
A key contributor to the Coyotes organization hasn't seen the team play live in years.

Bourque miffed over Hrudey's remarks - Calgary Sun
Hockey Night in Canada talking head Kelly Hrudey ripped into Calgary's Rene Bourque for basically not caring.

Why Now? - Mile High Hockey
David ponders the rather odd timing with Colorado naming Milan Hejduk captain.

Boston Bruins attacking Rangers fans among NHL's weirdest scenes - Adrian Dater -
Adrian Dater shares the wild & wacky...

Flyers vs. Hurricanes: Claude Giroux scores like 80 goals, Flyers win - Broad Street Hockey
Philadelphia pulls into the Eastern Conference lead with a 5-3 triumph at Carolina.

Sabres vs. Canadiens Recap: Enroth Still Stays Perfect On The Season - Die By The Blade
At least Buffalo got back in the win column, to help erase the memory of that stinker against Boston.

About Last Night - Jets: 5 Lighting: 2 Stamkos: Sucks. - Arctic Ice Hockey
Not as much as the headline writer here, apparently!