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Wednesday afternoon notes: The Caps, The Preds, and a common bond

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The stories of the Nashville Predators and <a href="">Washington Capitals</a> are more intertwined than one might guess.
The stories of the Nashville Predators and Washington Capitals are more intertwined than one might guess.

While the Washington Capitals may be one of the NHL's most celebrated teams, and the Nashville Predators have to fight for every bit of recognition they hope to receive, there are some common themes found in these two franchises and their respective histories. Today's afternoon hockey notes begin with a look at just how similar, and dissimilar, the roads are which have brought the Preds and Caps to their current standing within the league...

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Nashville Predators News

Are The Preds The Team The Caps Want To Be When They Grow Up? Or Is It The Other Way Around? | Predators AJenda
Deep thoughts on the long-term history & outlook for the Caps and Preds. Take your time and settle in for a good read.

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See the Ken Hitchcock note below, but it is nice to see Preds get some run, isn't it?

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Some out-of-the-box thinking from Ryan here.

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It's bubbly time in Milwaukee!

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Leafs lineup gets makeover - The Globe and Mail
James Mirtle takes a stab at what Toronto's lineup will look like tomorrow.

Cox: Leaf braintrust should stick to hockey -
Damian Cox unloads with both barrels on the Maple Leafs for getting their hackles up over their reporting on James Reimer's injury.

Today in Things That Would Be Hilarious: Might the Leafs Sign Marty Turco? - Backhand Shelf
Well, it's not like they have better options available in-house right now.

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Speaking of those options, Mike Brophy tells the tale of what Toronto has on hand.

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Outstanding stuff here on on why these should be made mandatory.

What's Really Wrong With the Bolts? - Raw Charge
Some hack's getting wound up because Tampa Bay has lost a couple road games in a row. Hey, wait a minute...

The 10 greatest NHL mustaches for Movember 2011 (so far) - Puck Daddy
A former Predator ranks high on the list.

Casting Your NHL All-Star Vote: Who Deserves a Write-In Vote? | The Predatorial
Jeremy points out a few early-season producers who aren't on the official ballot.

Why Chris Stewart was suspended 3 games for Kronwall boarding - Puck Daddy
Um... because it was an obviously reckless and dangerous play?

Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown? - The Cannon
Rick Nash may not be the only team captain who's off to a lousy start.

Silver Nuggets: Filatov rumoured to be contemplating KHL - Silver Seven
Well, it certainly doesn't sound like this NHL thing is working out.

Blues success gives Hitchcock much to discuss -
Ken Hitchcock is 3-0-1 so far. Cancel the rest of the season, I think we have our Jack Adams Award winner!

Here’s a list of the annoying things some hockey players do at practice - Backhand Shelf
What, no "bad gas" guy?

NHL - How it all worked out for Sheldon Souray - ESPN
Studley Wonderbomb is back, in a big way.

Stories of a Bender - Blocking Shots Safely - Puck Drunk Love
Sage advice from a beer-league wonder. One of my favorite plays ever involved blocking a shot, then kicking the puck off the boards behind the shooter, springing a teammate for a breakaway on which he scored.

New York Rangers News: Sean Avery Frustrated with Officials - Blueshirt Banter
I think this has something to do with all those vertical stripes.

The Hockey News - Top 10: Free agent flops
And you can see two of these guys coming up soon at Bridgestone Arena!

Source: Jim Lites to return as president of Stars - The Dallas Morning News
Jeff Cogen's former colleague in Dallas may return to help revive the Stars' business fortunes.