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Friday afternoon notes: Brett Wilson brings perspective to Preds ownership group

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Our Friday afternoon hockey notes start off with an insightful interview with new Nashville Predators minority owner W. Brett Wilson, who not only brings a lifelong passion for hockey to the table, but also a bit of experience with a franchise which had to build its business back up after flirting with relocation... offers 10% off outerwear | Hockey Gear HQ
The NHL's official online store rarely runs discounts, in a sale which expires today, you can take advantage of a special deal on jackets, knit hats, scarves, mittens, and more.

Nashville Predators News

Q&A: W. Brett Wilson - The Score
In this interview with Corey Erdman, Brett Wilson recalls how Calgary came close to losing the Flames back in the 90's, and how lessons learned then apply to the Preds in Nashville.

Lowering the "Boom": The Production of Blake Geoffrion | The Predatorial
Boomer's off to a slow start, certainly, but expectations may have been raised too high based on his fortunate puck-luck last spring.

Inside Smashville " "Good chance" Legwand returns to lineup against Columbus on Saturday
This would definitely be welcome news - so what happens to the lines, then? Sam mused about the possibilities earlier this week.

Smashville 24/7: Smashville On The Glass - Preds on a roll
Buddy & Ryan fill your ears with hockey goodness.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Weber, Suter lead league in plus-minus
Well then, it IS the greatest stat of all!

Patric Hornqvist hoping for more consistent scoring -
How much did that foot injury slow him down earlier? In his first 7 games, Hornqvist had 11 shots on goal. In the last 10, he's had 38.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

The NHL is filled with honey badgers; does your team have one? - Puck Daddy
Harrison Mooney commits heresy. Heresy, I say! Gather the torches and pitchforks...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Rise… - The Hockey Writers
Jas offers up a really fine read on the power of a great anthem singer.

NHL Power Rankings: Phoenix Coyotes Emerging As Western Contender -
The Preds climb to #4 in the West in the latest poll...

David Perron cleared for contact drills -
Good news for the Blues, as one of their key forwards gets closer to game readiness.

Jersey Fouls: NHL pillow talk, Sid taunt and The Answer - Puck Daddy
An unspeakable horror was spotted at Bridgestone Arena.

NHL's Critics Find No Evidence That Penalty Box Reforms Players | The Onion Sports Network
Won't they ever learn? (satire alert)

Sharks fan Elise Steingruebl proves the heart of hockey beats just as strong off the ice - Fear The Fin
A young Sharks fan battling leukemia lands an interview with Patrick Marleau.

Wayne Gretzky, Toronto Maple Leafs ownership window dressing - Puck Daddy
I saw this story last night, and it looked more like hype than anything else.

The Go-to Stats, Part 1: Forwards - Broad Street Hockey
A good walkthrough of which stats can be used to assess individual performance and usage over at Behind The Net.

By The Numbers: The Jackets' Dreadful Shooting Percentage - The Cannon
Shades of New Jersey last season? The Devils' horrid start was marked by an absurdly low shooting percentage, too.

"Do we want to be a good team or not?" Yes. Yes you do. - Winging It In Motown
Mike Babcock is calling out his Red Wings to see if they can shake out of an uncharacteristically slow start.

Building Blocks: How will Panthers retain the blueline? - Litter Box Cats
A combination of veteran, expensive blueliners are joined by young, talented, and soon-to-be-expensive defensemen. Can Florida keep them together long-term?

Ovechkin shooting less, scoring less -
It's funny how that happens.

The Play Of Marian Gaborik: Blueshirt Banter Talks To Jim Schoenfeld - Blueshirt Banter
Rather than pairing him with Brad Richards, the New York Rangers have found success by putting Marian Gaborik on a separate line.

Lowetide: Nothing Rhymes
Are things breaking down in Edmonton?