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Bring used hockey equipment to Tuesday's Preds/Oilers game to benefit "Sled Preds"

The featured charity at Tuesday night's Nashville Predators/Edmonton Oilers game at Bridgestone Arena is the "Sled Preds", a group which helps kids and adults with physical disabilities take up the great sport of sled hockey. They will be accepting donations of used hockey equipment (helmets, elbow pads, gloves, shoulder pads, shin guards, tape, etc.) at the entrance to the arena, and the National Wheelcats will have an information booth with brochures and videos open on the lower concourse.

The National Wheelcats Inc. is organized NOT FOR PROFIT but for the purpose of:

Helping inspire disabled people in making a contribution to society, becoming independent, and living a normal useful life.

Enjoying sports that are being nationally promoted that he or she can participate in not only for the physical advantages but also for social advantages as well, representing us at national and international events.

To educate and encourage disabled individuals at an early age to the fullest use of their abilities.

For more information about the local Sled Preds program, please contact their director Troy Weise by emailing him at, or by phone at (770) 561-0038.

So if you have some spare gear lying around, put it to good use and donate it to this great cause. You can always look at this as a chance to get yourself something new, too (just make sure to stop by Hockey Gear HQ and I'll help you save some $$$ while you're at it!).