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Oilers 6, Predators 2: Rinne pulled after 1st period

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Tonight it was the Nashville Predators who looked like the team which had just played the night before, as the Oilers dominated the first period with a 3-0 lead on the scoreboard, and a 13-3 shot advantage, allowing them to cruise to the finish with a 6-2 win. Jordin Tootoo led Nashville with a goal (his first of the season) and an assist, while Jordan Eberle paced Edmonton with two goals and an assist.

Video lowlights and reaction after the jump...

First the video (might have to wait until 45 minutes post-game for them to work):

  • <sarcasm>Maybe I need to change my tune on Sergei Kostitsyn. The Preds have won 6 of the 7 games in which he hasn't recorded a shot, and lost 7 of the 9 in which he has.</sarcasm>
  • Don't get too excited by the way the Preds dominated the shot totals in the 2nd period. It's called the "Score Effect", wherein teams which have a lead (especially a big one) ease off the gas.
  • Pekka Rinne should be plenty honked off for tomorrow's game at Minnesota, but the team needs to play better in front of him.
  • Can the Tootoo and Blum goals serve at least as a confidence booster for those two? For Toots, this was his first goal of the season, after so many had hoped that he'd contribute offensively like he did in the playoffs.
  • It's nice to be excited about some of the young forwards working their way into the Predators' lineup, but Edmonton's kids are just at an entirely different level talent-wise. We're wondering if any of Nashville's will possibly work themselves into a Top 6 role, while Edmonton's are counting down to when they'll make an All-Star Game.


From here, the Preds head out on a 5-game road trip, which begins tomorrow night at Minnesota - that's a quick opportunity to get back on the winning track. They'll get a chance to avenge this loss when they visit Edmonton on Monday, November 28.