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Wednesday's notes: Into the Wild

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As they say, the great thing about the NHL is that if you have a lousy game, there's a quick turnaround to the next one, and an opportunity to get back onto a winning track. Fresh off a 6-2 loss on home ice to the Oilers, the Nashville Predators face off against the NHL's #1 team tonight in Minnesota.

This morning's hockey notes include the first of what will surely be many quarterly reports on the Preds, speculation about outside Suter suitors, and much, much more...

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Nashville Predators News

I highly encourage you to tour the "More Predators Sites" box on the left-hand side of the main page. Pretty much all the local blogs have recaps of last night's game, a snapshot of pure frustration among the fan base. Just remember, every team has a handful of such stinkers over the course of 82.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Report Card: 20 down, 62 to go
Robby hands out the grades.

The McGrattan Effect - Predlines
Dan's a big fan of Brian McGrattan's personal story, and what he brings to the team.

Preds On The Glass: Barry Trotz Speaks After Nashville's 6-2 Loss to Edmonton
Buddy shares the coach's press conference after last night's mess.

Inside Smashville - Halischuk’s first fight not enough to spark Preds, Oilers thump Nashville 6-2
No, I don't think Halischuk is about to render McGrattan redundant.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Crosby's return about comfort + 30 Thoughts - CBC Sports
Elliotte Friedman raises the specter of Detroit over the issue of Nashville re-signing Ryan Suter.

The NHL's Endangered Species: Offensive Defensemen -
I especially like the talk about parity in the league here - if the markets/arenas/owners could be found, I'd love to see the NHL expand by a couple teams, in order to widen the spread just a bit. The talent pool can definitely support it.

Crucial period ahead for Carolina Hurricanes - ESPN
For the Carolina Hurricanes, the current on-ice crisis means that change could be on the table across the board. So in a way, opportunity is hanging out there for those who can help turn things around.

Doctors still unravelling the mysteries of concussions - The Globe and Mail
The uncertainty surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of concussions is only slowly being cleared away.

Do fans have a right to know specifics on player injuries? - Puck Daddy
A right? No, but it would be a smart move for the league. Just listen to how sports radio can go on and on about NFL injuries and their impact on an upcoming game, and then consider the lost opportunity for the NHL.

Should The Oilers Claim Niclas Bergfors? | Edmonton Journal
Jonathan Willis wonders if the Oilers, or some other team, might take the same low-risk gamble on Bergfors that the Predators did.

Interview with LA Kings defenseman Drew Doughty | Hockey Independent
After that long drawn-out contract negotiation, L.A.'s star defenseman has just five points in 20 games.

Fantasy Fortnight: Who's Hot? Versteeg, Eberle, Byfuglien, RNH, Giguere - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
It figures that Tyler Bozak would heat up right after I dropped him.

The Miseducation of Josh Bailey? - Lighthouse Hockey
Are Islanders fans ready to throw in the towel on this young forward's development?

Listen, I can completely understand why someone would have a problem with a fan incessantly... - Litter Box Cats
It sounds like the last thing some Florida fans want is MORE COWBELL.

Oilers Dominate Early, Top Predators 6-2 - The Copper & Blue
Here's the Edmontonian perpsective on last night's affair.