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Niclas Bergfors clears waivers

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After being placed on waivers yesterday, winger Niclas Bergfors has gone unclaimed, per TSN's Bob McKenzie. That clears the way for Nashville to send Bergfors to their AHL affiliate in Milwaukee within a window of 10 games or 30 days. According to CapGeek, he's on a one-way contract, so he'd still make his salary of $575,000 in the AHL.

Bon Voyage, J.P. Svatos.

Niclas Bergfors

#18 / Right Wing



Mar 07, 1987

2011 - Niclas Bergfors 11 1 1 2 -2 2 0 0 1 11 9.0

I'll be the first to admit, hopes were high that Bergfors could be the "shoot-first" type of winger who could fill a void on the Preds roster at a bargain price. In the end, however, he failed to earn his way into the Nashville lineup consistently, even though opportunity was there due to injuries to key forwards early on.

The question is, does that fault lie entirely on Bergfors, or perhaps is the "Predator Way" overly strict? Is there no room for a sniper with defensive flaws on a team loaded with hard-working checkers? As Sam wrote a while back:

"The Predator Way" is a tolerable concept and marketing slogan, as long as it means teaching forwards responsibility and developing great defensemen and goaltenders. When "The Predator Way" starts to favor acquiring hustling, defense-first forwards, instead of teaching defense to forwards with talent, we're selling jeans here. These past few years, David Poile has nearly built a team that plays perfect "Predator hockey." Now its time to build a team that just wins.    

Going forward, the interesting question is what happens to this roster spot. Does it remain empty, or will a forward get called up from Milwaukee, such as Kyle Wilson or Juuso Puustinen, who lead the Ads in scoring?