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Black Friday notes: Niclas Bergfors on unconditional waivers

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Heading out to battle the hordes getting started on their holiday shopping? Just make sure to read up on your hockey notes first, which start off with news that Niclas Bergfors may be really on his way out of town, now...

Black Friday 2011 Sales & Deals for Hockey Fans & Players | Hockey Gear HQ
Black Friday 2011 is upon us, and for hockey players & fans, here are 4 great deals & sales to save money on jerseys, sticks, skates, memorabilia, and more!

Nashville Predators News

According to TSN, the Preds have placed Niclas Bergfors on unconditional waivers. The best guess here is that once he passes through (and there's little reason to believe anyone would claim him when they already had that chance earlier this week), he'll head off to Europe.

Nashville Predators prospect Roman Josi recalled? | Section 303
This could be super exciting - after Weber & Suter, the Nashville D has been a train wreck, and I'm very interested to see what Roman Josi can do.

Susanna Goruveyn Is Interpreter/Personal Assistant/Fixer to Russians in N.H.L. -
A cool story about a lady who helps NHL teams and players cross the language barrier, focusing in particular on Sergei Kostitsyn.

Former Predators assistant Brent Peterson picks surgery to fight Parkinson's |-The Tennessean
We all wish Coach Peterson the best of luck...

Lobbyist Admits Helping Preds Snag Extra Millions -
Phil Williams unearths the SHOCKING TRUTH that the state laws which enabled the Preds to claim the incentive funds dictated in their arena lease made it through the state legislature pretty much the same way every other law does.

Inside Smashville - Predators contend agreement with state beneficial to Nashville
Amanda shares the team's side of the story - YOUR funds which Phil Williams keeps talking about are those generated at the arena because of all the non-hockey events which are filling up the calendar. In other words, they're incentive funds which are working as intended (unless, that is, those scandalous TV reports are directed at NHL players who are paying the Privilege Tax).

Preds On The Glass: Surprise Teams in the NHL at the American Thanksgiving Break
Buddy provides his take on the league at large.

Smashville 24/7: Smashville On The Glass - First quarter review
Ponder the season so far with guest Tom Callahan.

Vezina Tracker: Rinne has been Nashville's backbone -
Nice words, but let's face it - a 5th-place save percentage and 9th-place GAA won't win him the award.

Weber setting pace to claim first Norris Trophy -
I think the better chance for the Preds to win a major award lies here.

Nashville Predators get another goal from Tootoo - The Tennessean
Two in a row for Tootoo? The Preds could definitely use more of his offensive contributions.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Wacky NHL Stats: Things You Don't See Every Year - The Rat Trick
See the note about the goaltending leaders - that's why $7 million for 7 years is a very risky gamble. Individual goaltending performance tends to vary widely from year to year.

Freakonomics - Montreal Gazette
A really nice feature on one of the writers at SB Nation's Montreal blog, and the insight that can be brought to the table using hockey analytics.

Q. and A. With Pat LaFontaine on N.H.L.'s Progress on Head Injuries -
Hockey will never be completely safe, but progress is indeed being made.

A Theory of Ice: On Seeing
When anyone tells you to "just watch the game" while debating your opinion of a player, send them over here for some deep thoughts on the subject.

Shashank Bengali on how to watch games in a land without sports bars - Grantland
Not so much hockey-related as Thanksgiving-related, a look at the role of sports for troops who are in harm's way.

Minnesota Wild sign 51-year-old backup; don’t play him, unfortunately - Puck Daddy
Too freaking awesome. There's still hope!

Sabres respond physically, fall in skills competition, ironically - Puck Daddy
Pretty much anything less than ending the Sabres/Bruins game with Milan Lucic's head on a pike was a failure for Buffalo.

For your analysis enjoyment: Individual Shot Quality - Arctic Ice Hockey
I've long wondered when we'd finally see something like this.

Hits Received: Who is and isn’t getting hit in the NHL - Backhand Shelf
This is fun stuff to do (and I think I may have run a similar analysis years ago), but Hits are a complete waste of time to deal with, the NHL does a horrible job (or no job at all, really) of enforcing standards as to how these are recorded.

Stupid NHL Trade Rumors from this Season’s First Quarter - KuklasKorner
Lyle pops a few bubbles, including Shea Weber to Toronto.

Which players have most grassroots support for NHL All-Star Game? - Puck Daddy
Honey Badger's included here, but not high enough! Vote, and pester your friends to do the same.

The NHL's Most Interesting Name: The 1970s Part I - Arctic Ice Hockey
Herein lies an opportunity to confuse all the football fans in your life when they rave about Cam Newton.