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Rivalry Saturday's notes: Preds need to elevate their game at Detroit

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While the college football world goes bonkers for their Rivalry Saturday (and hey, I'll be glued to Michigan-Ohio State this afternoon), can the Nashville Predators' big rivalry matchup shake them out of a recent stretch of poor play? They say nothing focuses the mind like a great challenge...

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Even though Black Friday 2011 is behind us, some great deals are still in effect to save money on jerseys, sticks, skates, memorabilia, and more!

Nashville Predators News

The 303:30 – Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Our "best of!" | Section 303
Jeremy spins a "Greatest Hits" edition of the 303 podcast.

Preds On The Glass: Plan For Roman Josi Unclear After Recall
Buddy caught Josi after practice yesterday and got comment from Barry Trotz, who sounds like he may take his time working the rookie into a game. Or not.

Why Fix if It Isn’t Broken? Trotz Logic 101 | The Predatorial
The age old question... what to do about the lines now that all of the forwards are available?

Hockey Night in Nashville: Holmstrom and Hornqvist play very similar style
I'd say that Hornqvist is more mobile than Holmstrom and higher potential to be a consistent 30-goal scorer.

A Day in the Life of an Admiral (Thanksgiving version) - JSOnline
Mark Van Guilder reports that the Predators have really taken a step up in the ping pong department.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

The Canadian who saved the Dallas Stars - The Globe and Mail
Meet Vancouver's Tom Gaglardi.

Prognosis: Not good for Nashville and Tampa - Backhand Shelf
The only context I'd add here is that the Preds' season-long averages are weighed down by the opening two weeks of the season, which were an absolute disaster. Still, the overall puck possession numbers don't bode well for this team, and that's one area I'm hoping that Roman Josi can help with.

Down Goes Brown: Alexander Ovechkin vs. Sidney Crosby: An in-depth comparison
When DGB chimes in on the long-running debate, you know it's going to be good.

Winter Classic Alumni Game rosters announced: This game will be awesome - Broad Street Hockey
"Awesome" is a bit much, but of course from a Philadelphia perspective I'm sure they're thrilled.

Mid-Season Weight Maintenance and the Pro Hockey Player - Backhand Shelf
Given how much they work out, it's hard to believe that some guys have to battle weight issues during the season, but there you go.

An illustrated guide to firing NHL coaches during the season - Puck Daddy
Before you get worked up about another big hockey article ignoring the Predators... there's good reason here.

BCE-Rogers rift scuttles deal to buy Maple Leafs - The Globe and Mail
Thank goodness for this, now SB Nation's Toronto blog won't have to change their name.