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Predators 4, Sharks 3: Leggy's Late-Night Wonder

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So I was at this party tonight, drinking a few beers, doing a few Jello shots, having a good time, and keeping an occasional eye on the game once it got put on (this week's college football Game of the Century took center stage early). I thought I was doing a pretty good job handling my alcohol, but as the evening wore on, things got weird.

Down 3-1 in the third period, Patric Hornqvist banged home a puck in the crease to keep his goal-scoring streak alive, then a few minutes later Ryan Suter tied it up on the power play. Somehow, the Preds held on to take things to overtime, despite a penalty kill in the final minute of regulation which carried over into OT, before David Legwand made an incredible play to redirect a pass from Francis Bouillon for the game-winner.

Surely I must've had too much, right???

Follow after the jump for the highlights, and make sure I wasn't hallucinating, OK?