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Saturday's notes: New coach, same old Ducks tonight in Nashville

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Nobody runs goalies<a href="" target="new"> like Corey Perry</a>.
Nobody runs goalies like Corey Perry.

Better late than never, right? Today's hockey notes touch on some of the aspects of the Anaheim Ducks which have changed since we saw them last (like the guy behind the bench), while in many ways, they're still the same old whiny, cheap-shotting bunch we've come to know and love hate over the last year.

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Weekend sale gives 15-50% off NHL team logo polos & t-shirts | Hockey Gear HQ
One of our favorite NHL apparel sites has launched a rare sale this weekend, which gives you 15-50% off t-shirts & polo shirts for teams from all sports (their selection of college gear is staggering).

Nashville Predators News

Preds On The Glass: Today's Episode of Smashville On The Glass Radio Features Mitch Korn and Amanda DiPaolo
Some podcast goodness to get you ready for tonight's game.

VIDEO TIMELINE: Why the Preds and Ducks hate each other… | Section 303
It's been an eventful 2011 between Anaheim & Nashville.

Ads Not As Sharp, Still Get Two Points | Admirals Roundtable
"It wasn’t the prettiest of games, but a happy ending is a happy ending." Words to live by, there.

Jordin Tootoo returns to Nashville Predators lineup tonight - The Tennessean
There are a load of news items here, especially regarding a couple of the defensemen.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Boudreau Brings New Life to Anaheim |
I'm guessing that Bruce Boudreau will do well in Anaheim, but it may take a while.

Inside Smashville " Perry’s edge "gets him noticed," a quality teammates find invaluable
Corey Perry sounds like a typical hockey player. Total douchebag on the ice, quiet & likable away from the rink.

When sports fans alter national anthems - The Globe and Mail
This can certainly be a touchy subject...

Today's NHL stars are thinking outside the docs - The Globe and Mail
Acupuncture is just one unorthodox technique players will resort to while managing the bumps & bruises of an NHL season.

Weekend rumblings: Realignment concerns, Parise's contract talks and drug testing - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun has a host of tidbits in here, including word that year-round testing for performance-enhancing drugs might be on the table during the upcoming CBA negotiations.

Down Goes Brown: How to be an NHL ironman
Handy tips on how to stay in the lineup.

Prospect Patrick Wiercioch Hit In Throat With Puck - Silver Seven
Scary, scary stuff here.

NHL teams playing concussion deception games - Puck Daddy
This Chris Pronger story is only the latest in a long string of misinformation campaigns by NHL teams regarding concussions.

A Plea to the Avalanche Front Office - Mile High Hockey
They're ready to run the coach out of town in Denver.

Tkachuk developed into one of top U.S. power forwards -
Keith Tkachuk is heading into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday.

The Peerless Prognosticator: How 'bout that?
By one increasingly popular measure of special teams performance, the Preds stand 5th in the NHL.

Trade Analysis - Habs and Canes Swap Defencemen - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
Here's the important aspect of the Kaberle-Spacek trade, the fantasy hockey impact!