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Nashville Predators assign Jonathon Blum to Milwaukee

Blummer, dude.
Blummer, dude.

After being scratched in recent days, this afternoon we get the news that defenseman Jonathon Blum has been assigned to the Milwaukee Admirals.

Jonathon Blum

#7 / Defenseman / Nashville Predators



Jan 30, 1989

2011 - Jonathon Blum 27 2 3 5 -11 4 0 0 1 19 10.5

NHL defensemen are a slow-cooking kind of recipe, and hopefully some time spent in Milwaukee playing major minutes will help get his game back on track. Let's take a look at some 5-on-5 data from Behind the Net to see what's happened here:

Season Corsi/60 Off. Zone Starts On-Ice Shoot % On-Ice Save % PDO
2011-2012 -14.97 42.6 10.71 .887 994
2010-2011 -13.10 50.3 13.92 .929 1068

Some sophomore growing pains were to be expected in Blum's case, especially when you consider the sky-high puck luck (PDO of 1068) which helped drive his results down the stretch last season. This year, that PDO has settled down to a more reasonable 994, meaning the numbers we're seeing with Blum aren't due to unusual factors.

The "flow" aspect of play (represented by Corsi) is pretty close to last year, especially considering he's getting fewer shifts starting in the offensive end of the ice. Not good at all, mind you, but at least close to what he put up in 2010-2011. It's the On-Ice Save % which has fallen to pieces during Blum's ice time, and when you look at the rest of the Nashville defense, we see Suter & Weber near the top of the list, and names like Blum, Josi (two rookies) and Bouillon (who's been hobbled) at the bottom.

If indeed Blum is being singled out for coughing up dangerous scoring chances, than hopefully he can get that sorted out in Milwaukee and get back up here quickly.