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Predators 4, Red Wings 3: Pass It To Shea And Get Outta The Way!

There are those who think that people like myself who get into the statistical analysis of hockey can suck all the fun out of the sport, but let me tell you, there's not much better than a game like tonight's against Detroit. By all rights the Red Wings should have run the Nashville Predators out of the building, as they played their typical puck-possession game and dominated the shot totals.

But when Shea Weber scored an unlikely goal in the final minutes to give Nashville the lead, and my youngest son literally jumped into my arms bursting with joy, well, that's the kind of moment that can stick with you for a long time.

Video highlights and reaction after the jump...

First the video:

Post-game audio is available from Barry Trotz, Shea Weber, David Legwand and Jordin Tootoo (click each name for the MP3).

It's late, so I only have a few random observations:

  • Tonight's game reminded me very much of the famous "Miracle Speech" - 9 times out of 10, Detroit probably wins a game like that. But the Preds kept working hard, and were able to cash in the relatively few chances that did come their way.
  • The up-and-down roller coaster of Jordin Tootoo's production is on the upswing again, and let's hope this lasts. The Preds need a credible 3rd line, and he's doing some good things alongside Colin Wilson. I'm not sold on Tootoo-Wilson-Spaling as an ongoing group, but Tootoo is certainly doing his part these days (and remember, he's playing for a new contract, too).
  • It was funny to hear Stu Grimson chortle a bit when discussing Nashville's "potent" power play, but it sure connected again tonight, as Shea Weber scored just 22 seconds into the Preds' only opportunity of the night.
  • On the other hand, the PK got torched twice. Just as the PP has surprised to the upside, the penalty killers haven't really found their groove yet.