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Nashville Predators @ Dallas Stars Preview: No Rest For The Wicked

Richard Bachman has been getting the starts lately in place of the injured Kari Lehtonen.
Richard Bachman has been getting the starts lately in place of the injured Kari Lehtonen.

After pulling out a last-minute victory over Columbus last night, the Nashville Predators hustled out of town for a Friday night matchup with the Dallas Stars (7:30 p.m. on FS-TN), the first meeting between these two teams this season. The Stars jumped out to an early lead in the Pacific Division, but have recently been caught by San Jose. So from their perspective, Dallas will be looking to earn a crucial home win and hang on to first place.

Follow after the jump for a brief breakdown!

Tale Of The Tape

Nashville (18-12-4) at Dallas (19-13-1)
NSH Offense vs. DAL Defense DAL Offense vs. NSH Defense
GF/60 SF/60 Shoot % GA/60 SA/60 Save %
NSH Offense 2.1 (24th) 25.5 (29th) 8.3 (15th) 2.3 (8th) 31.3 (27th) 928 (7th) NSH Defense
DAL Defense 2.6 (18th) 31.7 (30th) 918 (13th) 2.4 (16th) 29.7 (14th) 7.9 (23rd) DAL Offense
GA/60 SA/60 Save % GF/60 SF/60 Shoot %
Special Teams
GF/60 SF/60 Shoot % GA/60 SA/60 Save %
NSH 5-on-4 7.1 (5th) 50.9 (13th) 13.9 (7th) 6.5 (19th) 52.6 (22nd) 876 (18th) NSH 4-on-5
DAL 4-on-5 7.0 (23rd) 52.5 (21st) 867 (19th) 5.0 (23rd) 40.0 (30th) 12.6 (12th) DAL 5-on-4
GA/60 SA/60 Save % GF/60 SF/60 Shoot %

The Stars are one of a few teams (including Minnesota and yes, Nashville) whose underlying Shots For & Against numbers suggest that they're due for a dropoff compared to the Win/Loss record they've assembled so far. Hopefully the Preds' PK group can settle things down against one of the league's lesser power plays.

Dallas Stars

The Stars have been a streaky team this season, starting at 11-3, then going through a rough patch before getting back on track recently with four wins in their last 6 games. For the scoop on all things Dallas, head over to Defending Big D.

Dallas Stars Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Stephane Robidas foot 12/22/2011
Philip Larsen charley-horse 12/21/2011

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Kari Lehtonen groin 11/27/2011
Tomas Vincour knee 12/15/2011

Dallas Stars Last 5 Games

Philadelphia Wed 12/21 L 1 - 4
Anaheim Mon 12/19 W 5 - 3
@ New Jersey Fri 12/16 L 3 - 6
@ New York Islanders Thu 12/15 W 3 - 2
@ New York Rangers Tue 12/13 W 1 - 0

Nashville Predators

The big question with the Predators will be whether or not Kevin Klein will be ready to play, after missing the last two contests with the flu.

With 3 assists against the Blue Jackets, look who has taken over the team scoring lead:

Shea Weber

#6 / Defenseman / Nashville Predators



Aug 14, 1985

2011 - Shea Weber 33 8 17 25 15 24 5 1 1 100 8.0

And in goal? The plan heading in to this set was for Pekka Rinne to play against both Columbus and Dallas, but does last night's game impact that thinking at all? I would doubt it, but you never know...