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Jordin Tootoo runs Ryan Miller in goalie's 1st game back

Ryan Miller has been outstanding so far in his return to action for the Buffalo Sabres after taking a big hit back on November 12 from Milan Lucic, and things got physical once again for him as Jordin Tootoo of the Nashville Predators collided heavily with the Buffalo goalie late in the 2nd period of tonight's game.

UPDATE: He's received a 2-game suspension from the NHL.

Kudos to Sam for the video

UPDATE: Post-game audio comes from Jordin Tootoo, Barry Trotz, and Ryan Miller (click each name for the MP3).

Tootoo received a major for charging and a game misconduct for his actions, while Buffalo's Paul Gaustad (presumably emboldened by the fact that Tootoo is about a foot shorter than Lucic) received a double-minor for roughing and a 10-minute misconduct for his reponse, which included an apparent warning to Preds goalie Anders Lindback that retaliation would be coming his way.

Any guesses on how the NHL will approach this situation? In my opinion, he'll receive a suspension from the league here. He could have avoided or minimized the collision but failed to do so, and I don't see Christian Ehrhoff's push as being very influential on how this played out.