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Welcoming Mr. Fisher - Friday's notes

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Boy, not much going on around Nashville these days, eh? New player coming to town, new writer on board here at OTF, and an exciting weekend coming up.

Follow after the jump for your (late) morning hockey news...

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Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators acquire Carrie Underwood in trade - 1075 The River
One of the most hockey-friendly radio stations in Nashville takes the entertainment angle on yesterday's big trade.

Preds On The Glass: Predators Show Commitment to Cup and Friday Findings
Buddy likes the way ownership is putting the resources in place to not just barely make the playoffs, but to make a deep run once they're in.

Hockey Night in Nashville: What Does the Acquisition of Mike Fisher Mean for Preds?
Robby sees a logjam at center down the road, but man, what a problem to have.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Expectations
Phillip's got a jersey ready, and muses over which linemates Mike Fisher will work with.

Fang Finger Fever: My take (gasp, no recap?) on the Mike Fisher trade...
Josh breaks down the pros and cons of the trade, a nice thorough review of both on- and off-ice factors.

Thoughts on Mike Fisher and The Tennessean | The Predatorial
Kristopher blasts The Tennessean over that ridiculous "Predators trade for Carrie Underwood's husband" headline from yesterday, which drew ridicule from around North America.

The Detroit Factor and Other Thoughts | The Predatorial
Between the win in Detroit and the Fisher trade, Marty's riding high on the team right now.

Predators Pro Shop: Clueless or Clued In? | Section 303
Codey opens the floor for discussion about the pro shop at Bridgestone Arena - is it working better for you than in years past?

A History of Preds Deadline Deals | Section 303
Patten takes us on a walk down Memory Lane, but I can't believe he omitted the Eric Belanger era from his review. What is this, historical revisionism? It's almost like it never happened!

Deal for Fisher satisfies a long-standing Predators' longing | Nashville City Paper
David Boclair notes that the Preds' scouting staff had their eyes on Mike Fisher all the way back to the 1998 draft.

Around the NHL

Analyzing the Mike Fisher trade - Silver Seven
From the Ottawa side, they're miserable to lose such a popular player, but know a rebuild needs to get underway.

Ottawa radio station kisses off hockey's 'Yoko Ono' - Toronto Sun
They're bitter about the Mike Fisher trade in Ottawa, where one radio station has labelled Carrie Underwood as hockey's Yoko Ono. I think we'll put her more in Janet Gretzky's class, won't we?

Red Light District: How will rest of West respond to trade action?
Ryan takes a look at how the other teams might reaction to the shifting competitive landscape in the wild, wild, West.

Phil Kessel 'Missing' posters will likely not please Brian Burke - Puck Daddy
The natives are getting restless in Toronto...

Down Goes Brown: How to never say anything interesting: An NHLer's guide
And here you thought stringing together cliches was easy...

12/17/10 Det-Chi Passing - Behind The Net
A very interesting stab at gathering an entirely new level of data from a given hockey game.

Quebec's $400 million valentine to the NHL - Puck Daddy
Things are getting silly in Quebec City, where officials are talking about pushing ahead on the construction of a new NHL-quality arena, even without the federal assistance they sought earlier.

The Injured Player All-Star Team - Houses of the Hockey
Hey, one of the Preds made it!

College Hockey Arenas Are the Cathedrals of Sports -
If you ever have the chance, take in the atmosphere at one of the college venues listed here. 3 years ago my wife and I drove up to Ann Arbor for a weekend including a hockey game at Yost Arena, which would strike folks here as much like a Predators game packed into a smaller venue, on steroids.