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Nashville Predators Practice Update: February 23, 2011

Dirk attended Nashville Predators practice this morning, and here's his update:


Video transcribed after the jump.

Somewhat paraphrased:

The big story at Nashville Predators practice today was the return of Ryan Suter and Sergei Kostitsyn. Both participated in all the drills and we hope to see them back on the ice tomorrow night as the Chicago Blackhawks come to town. 

Still no sign of Marcel Goc, though, and we still have no timetable as to when we expect to see him back on the ice. 

There was heavy emphasis on shooting the puck after last night's loss in Columbus, only putting three shots on goal in the third period. They're going to have to look for solutions from within, as Kevin Allen of USA Today reports that the Preds have waived Marek Svatos. Look for this team to find solutions from inside their own locker room right now in order to keep the pace in what is an increasingly competitive Western Conference race.