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Out of the frying pan, and into Detroit - Wednesday's notes

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A little bit of this would be nice...
A little bit of this would be nice...

The bad thing about the 82-game NHL regular season is that occasionally you get a real stinker like Monday's 4-0 loss to the Edmonton Oilers. The good thing about the long regular season is that you get a chance to erase memories pretty quickly, as there's another game right around the corner.

No, tonight in Detroit won't be easy, but it's a chance to get things going in the right direction. Be sure to check out the first OTF Viewing Party, to be held this evening at the Village Pub in East Nashville. Many, many thanks to ExcellenceThroughGuesswork for organizing this - I'd love to attend, but I don't think you guys really want this flu I'm dealing with right now.

For now, follow after the jump for some cross words from Barry Trotz, the debut of a new Predators blog, and one fan who really has the gut to support his team...

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Nashville Predators News

Trotz gets angry, but is there a solution? | The Predatorial
It's a happy day when another Predators blog debuts. Here, Kristopher steps into the coach's shoes to deliver some motivational words to Nashville's key forwards.

Thoughts from a True Fan – Every Game Is For The Cup | The Predatorial
Wow, this one's all over the place. The players are lazy, the refs screw the Preds, Trotz should "let his players know that their paychecks are at stake" (maybe they're dumb enough not to know better?), etc. The guys better win tonight or who knows what Marty will come up with next...

Predators Coach Barry Trotz blasts missing offense - The Tennessean
Trotz may be "seriously ticked off", but I worry that he may steer things in the wrong direction (more on that later today).

Predators Coach Barry Trotz drills team on shooting puck - The Tennessean
We'll see if an emphasis on shooting in practice yesterday leads to dividends tonight.

Preview #55: Predators Try To Bounce Back Against Wings - Predlines
Amanda will be looking to see whether Jerred Smithson and Joel Ward can slow down Pavel Datsyuk.

Smashville's Big Ben - Facebook
Now this guy knows how to belly up and support the Preds...

Preds On The Glass: Predators Hope to Return To Form in Detroit and Wednesday Wrap-Up
Besides his morning hockey links, Buddy has all the cockfighting news that's fit to print.

Hockey Night in Nashville: How has Nashville Faired Against Central Division Foes?
Robby looks at the the historical record to see how the Preds stack up all-time against Ye Olde Norris.

So….Let’s Talk About Blake | Admirals Roundtable
The folks in Milwaukee try to put Blake Geoffrion's big fortnight into perspective.

Playoffs! We’re talking about Playoffs!? " CYCWORDS
Did the Cincinnati Cyclones hire Jim Mora?

Predators' current blue print for success includes three goals | Nashville City Paper
I guess David Boclair didn't read this Tennessean article from 4 days earlier.

Around the NHL

The Behind the Net Curse - Behind The Net
Don't mock "regression to the mean". Back in December, Dallas was 2nd in the league and New Jersey was 30th. Gabe looked at the possession numbers and posited that perhaps the Devils might fare better over the rest of the season. 

Art Contest: Bogosian For Norris - Bird Watchers Anonymous
Gabe stirred up a hornet's nest over at the Thrashers' SB Nation blog for touting Zach Bogosian as being a better defenseman than Dustin Byfuglien.

More goals needed from Kopitar " LA Kings Insider
Despite having 50 points in 53 games (boohoo), L.A. Kings center Anze Kopitar has just one goal in his last 19.

Leafs 5, Islanders 3: Poulin hurt in warmups, forcing Koskinen's NHL debut - Lighthouse Hockey
You've really got to feel bad for hockey fans on Long Island. Just follow to read the sad tale of another Islanders goalie getting hurt, forcing them to dig down to #17 on the depth chart, apparently.

McKenzie: Is Thrashers' Bogosian Avalable And If So, Why?
Meanwhile, Bob McKenzie looks at the uneven development of the #3 overall pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, and how some GM's are calling Rick Dudley to see if he's willing to deal.

Phil Kessel: A sniper without a centre -
There's a point to be made that Phil Kessel's scoring woes are due in part to crappy linemates, but comparing the Maple Leafs to Nashville by saying "Colin Wilson and Marcel Goc are among the worst centre tandems in the NHL" is just pathetic work by the Toronto Star (no individual let their name be associated with this article). Apparently they don't know Wilson hasn't played center all season.

Sidney Crosby injury watch enters anonymous innuendo hell - Puck Daddy
In a sports culture in which we're used to reasonable projections for players to return from injury, the total uncertainty surrounding recovery from concussion can be frustrating. Throw the game's biggest star into the mix, and people just start losing their minds.

Greatest Hockey Those Were The Days: Salary Cap
Did you know there was an NHL salary cap almost 80 years ago?

Red Light - NBC, Versus have inside track on NHL deal
Stu Hackel writes that it doesn't look likely for ESPN to get back into the picture, but the NHL should still see a hefty increase in broadcast rights.

Time for Kessel to step up, plus 30 thoughts - Elliotte Friedman
Looks who's a fan of Pekka Rinne...

Daily Debate: Don't think concussion issue is important? Two words, Keith Primeau - ESPN
And just think, if such things didn't happen to Eastern Conference stars, we'd probably not hear near as much about concussions this year.

And lastly, just a day after the guys at Blueshirt Banter labelled Matt Cooke the Dirtiest Player in the NHL, Cooke decided to add to his resume with a reckless boarding last night against Columbus (video found at Kukla's Korner). He'll have a hearing with the league later this morning, but is he really an outlaw or a product of the NHL's culture?