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Teemu Laakso recalled by Nashville Predators

When Kevin Klein hobbled over to the bench Tuesday night in San Jose, we had a sinking feeling he might miss some time. Sure enough, the Nashville Predators have called up Teemu Laakso from Milwaukee in order to fill his spot for the present time. As of this morning he's now listed on the team's official roster at the NHL's media site, as well as the Preds' own roster page, and Josh Cooper advised via Twitter that he's on the ice practicing, while Klein is not.

The official release from the team hasn't come through yet, but these are as good a sign as any that Teemu Laakso will be in the lineup tonight (finally, the team confirms). It'll be his second stint in the NHL this season, having played one game back in October with just 2:43 of ice time.

Klein is the Preds' #1 penalty killer, so it'll be interesting to see how the Preds fill that gap. Shea Weber & Ryan Suter could be in for a long evening.