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Western Conference scoreboard watch - March 16, 2011

Scoreboard Watch
Scoreboard Watch

The Nashville Predators didn't exactly help themselves last night, so we're left looking around the league to see how the playoff picture continues to develop:

Washington Capitals vs Detroit Red Wings (6:30 p.m. Central on VERSUS)
The Red Wings have pretty much locked up another Central Division title, and are coming to Nashville on Saturday.

Colorado Avalanche vs Vancouver Canucks (9:00 p.m. Central)
This one doesn't have much to do with the playoff chase, as these two teams are playing out the string - one looking forward to the playoffs, the other to the golf course.

St. Louis Blues vs Anaheim Ducks (9:00 p.m. Central)
The Ducks are one point behind the Preds with one game in hand, so this one's a biggie. St. Louis is circling the toilet bowl (despite a recent 3-game winning streak they're 4-8-0 in their last 12), so dare we hope for some help from the Preds' division rival?

A Big Day for Hockey on Nashville Radio

While you're waiting for all of that action, there is a ton of hockey talk scheduled for this afternoon and evening on Nashville's airwaves:

  • At 3:25, analyst Darren Elliot from Versus will join the Thom Abraham Show (listen at 560-AM or
  • At 5:25, Martin Erat will also call into the Thom Abraham Show, setting up tomorrow's battle against the Boston Bruins.
  • 6:00 is time for SlapShot Radio live from Flying Saucer, also on WNSR, followed at 7:00 by the WNSR Player Show, featuring Blake Geoffrion and his father Danny.

And lastly, I wanted to pass along a couple of interesting hockey articles as well:

The Rorschach: Discipline and Operant Conditioning - Houses of the Hockey
More wonderful stuff from Kent Wilson on how the NHL can change on-ice behavior if it really wants to. How about giving guys 5 minutes in a Skinner Box?

The 68 reasons why NHL Playoffs are better than March Madness - Puck Daddy
Put this up at the office next to your coworker's bracket.